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Teacher Candidates


An internship is the final requirement of the OISE Teacher Education Program and an excellent way to connect with comparative, international and development education.

To get an idea of the many international areas of an internship, take a look at the CIDE faculty and CIDE student profiles. Members of CIDEC have connections to schools and education projects around the globe.

For more information on an area of interest, you may contact faculty or students via email and inquire if they might be available for a 15 minute information interview on that area (global issue, curriculum focus, or geographical). There is also the possibility of doing an internship with CIDEC.

International Internships

If you decide to do an international internship it is very important to start planning right away. First familiarize yourself with all the documentation on international internships available on the OISE Internship site.OISE teacher candidate participants from the "Education for citizenship through teacher education: An international mobility programme, 2000-2004" went to England, Germany and Sweden.

Choosing to do an international internship can open up a whole range of opportunities for your career as a teacher. Exposure to formal and non-formal education systems outside of Canada can expand the possibilities of how you might contribute to the field of education while deepening your awareness of the inherent complexities of educating around the globe.

There are also many international development NGOs that contribute to education programs internationally, through support of schooling and education globally, or provide global education programs here in Canada. For more information consult out Resources page.

International placements with international development NGOs are typically longer than six weeks in duration (usually up to a year or more) and therefore may not be a possibility for the ITE internship requirement. However, many international development NGOs are involved with domestic global education programming and would be pleased to have an OISE Teacher Candidate do an internship with their organization.

In photo: OISE teacher candidate participants from the "Education for Citizenship through Teacher Education: An International Mobility Program, 2000-2004" went to England, Germany and Sweden.

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