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Canada-Afghanistan/Central Eurasia Education Research Group UPdate 2016-17

The CIDEC Afghanistan-Eurasia Research Group has continued its work on this region, focused on quality education for peace and equity, in a highly diverse region amidst enormous social, cultural, linguistic, religious, economic and political challenges. CIDEC professor, Dr. Sarfaroz Niyozov, is on leave at Institute of Educational Development (IED), Aga Khan University, Pakistan, but has continued to lead several publishing initiatives on the above themes, co-editing a book that has just appeared through Lexington Books, Educational Policies in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan: Contested Terrain in the Twenty-First Century with OISE alumni and faculty members at IED, Dilshad Ashraf and Mir Afzal Tajik. Dr. Niyozov co-wrote two chapters in the book, “Islamic Education in Post-Soviet Tajikistan: A field of contestations.”, and the conclusion, “Transforming Contested Education Terrains into Opportunities for Hope and Peace”. Prof. Niyozov is also co-editing with Iveta Silova of Arizona University, the forthcoming (2017) Globalization on the Margins: Education and Post-socialist Transformations in Central Asia. In 2016 Sarfaroz also served as a curriculum development advisor to the University of Central Asia, reviewing two of its 10 modules, namely modules on Intercultural communication and globalisation in Central Asia.

Dr. Spogmai Akseer is currently the Senior Manager of Graduate Education for the University of Massachusetts Amherst and FHI360, stationed in Kabul, where she works closely with the Ministry of Higher Education in establishing  new and existing graduate programs and bylaws at public universities across the country.  She also teaches part-time at the American University of Afghanistan.   Dr. Akseer contributed a chapter, “The militarization of Afghan women’s learning in ‘Post-conflict’ Afghanistan ”, to Niyozov’s co-edited book on Educational Policies in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and her co-written paper “Learning peace (and conflict): The role of primary learning materials in peacebuilding in post-war Afghanistan, South Sudan and Sri Lanka” has recently appeared in the Journal of Peace Education. Dr. Akseer is currently working together with Stephen Bahry, on “The English Language and Internationalization of Higher Education in Afghanistan”.

Dr. Stephen Bahry, is working on the intersection of language and critical education research, including a recent chapter on ‘quality’ education and ‘development’ of minority nationalities in northwestern China, macro- and micro-level analyses of implications for quality education of societal multilingualism and personal plurilingualism in Central Asia, and a co-written chapter comparing the potential for Multilingual Education in China, Central Asia and Iran, followed by participated a CIDEC-CERLL co-organized panel discussion book launch in Dec. 2016 for Kalan’s book, Who’s Afraid of Multilingual Education. Dr. Bahry has, with Dr. Niyozov, CIDEC alumnus, Duishon Shamatov, of Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan, and Elise Ahn and Juldyz Smagulova of KIMEP University, Kazakhstan, substantially updated a chapter on bilingual and multilingual education in Central Asia, and also has a chapter on language, globalization and education in Central Asia in Niyozov and Silova (forthcoming, 2017), and is working with Dr. Shamatov on interaction of language and quality education in Central Asia using evidence from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan PISA results. Dr. Bahry is also working on language, literacy and equitable education in Ukraine, presented at CIES 2016, CIESC, 2016, University of Alberta’s Research Initiative on Democratic Reform in Ukraine (RIDRU) in October & December 2016, and comparing geographic disparities in high stakes literacy test results in Ukraine and Toronto at CIES 2017. Dr. Bahry also presented in China, comparing northwest China’s minority groups’ educational attainment at WCCES, Aug 2016, and, at an International Seminar on China’s Minority Nationality Education Development in the Context of China’s “One Belt, One Road” New Silk Road Strategy at Ningxia University, October 2017

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