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A RICE/CIDEC compendium[link to report pdf]


Edited by

Sarfaroz Niyozov, Associate Professor, CIDEC, OISE, University of Toronto  & Paul Tarc, Associate Professor, RICE, University of Western Ontario

What are global best practices? What is the character of these so-called best practices, their conceptual underpinnings and routes of assemblage? Which ‘best practices’ are travelling, how, and to which ‘local’ educational domains? How are they interpreted and engaged in local contexts and what are their effects? And ultimately, how are progressive and critically-minded educators to work with, against and despite global ‘best practices?’

To address these conditions and questions as framed above, a symposium for Ontario based comparative and international educators and researchers was convened at the Ontario Institute of Studies of Education, University of Toronto on April 25, 2014. This forum was a collaborative project between the two comparative and international education centers in Ontario: Western University’s Research in International and Contemporary Education (RICE) and OISE’s Comparative, International and Development Education Center (CIDEC). Though small in scope and modest in its format, this symposium proved to be a unique opportunity for Canadian education scholars, practitioners, and graduate students to converge and to critically and collectively engage these questions. Twelve faculty and twenty graduate students from Universities of Toronto, York, Western and Ottawa served as panelists and discussants.

Professor Gita Steiner-Khamsi, a leading scholar in the field of educational borrowing and lending, from Teachers College, Columbia University gave the keynote address. In addition 80 participants from Ontario’s education faculties, NGOs and government agencies attended this one-day intensive symposium.

The graduate student panelists were invited to submit written extensions of their presentations after the symposium to produce  a report. About half of the graduate student panelists contributed to the compendium. Symposium organizers Paul Tarc and Sarfaroz Niyozov wrote the introduction and  keynote, Gita Steiner-Khamsi, contributed the afterword.

See compendium

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