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Archived Course Lists

Based on faculty course loads and schedules, not all CIDE courses are offered each year. The below lists document the CIDE courses offered by academic year.

CIDE Course List 2018-2019

CIDE Course List 2017-2018

CIDE Course List 2016-2017

CIDE Course List 2015-2016

CIDE Course List 2014-2015

CIDE Course List 2013-2014

CIDE Course List 2012-2013

CIDE Course List 2011-2012

CIDE Course List 2010-2011

CIDE Course List 2009-2010

CIDE Course List 2008-2009

Total CIDE Course Offerings

Each year the OISE Bulletin and SGS Calendar documents the CIDE course offerings that will count towards completing the MA, M.Ed, Ph.D, and Ed.D degrees. Students are responsible for ensuring that the CIDE courses they take fulfill the CIDE course requirements.

Upon graduation students will be required to complete the CIDE Graduation Form listing all CIDE core and affiliated courses they have taken during their program.

The below links are to CIDE program pages in archived OISE Bulletins and SGS Calendars. 

OISE Bulletins SGS Calendars
OISE Bulletin 2016-2017 SGS Calendar 2016-2017
OISE Bulletin 2015-2016 SGS Calendar 2015-2016
OISE Bulletin 2014-2015 SGS Calendar 2014-2015
OISE Bulletin 2013-2014 SGS Calendar 2013-2014
OISE Bulletin 2011-2012 SGS Calendar 2011-2012

OISE Bulletin 2009-2010

SGS Calendar 2009 - 2010

OISE Bulletin 2008-2009

SGS Calendar 2008 - 2009

OISE Bulletin 2007-2008 

SGS Calendar 2007 - 2008

OISE Bulletin 2006 - 2007

SGS Calendar 2006 - 2007

OISE Bulletin 2005 - 2006

SGS Calendar 2005 - 2006

OISE Bulletin 2004 - 2005

SGS Calendar 2004 - 2005

OISE Bulletin 2003 - 2004

SGS Calendar 2003 - 2004



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