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Safety Abroad Issues

Are you doing research abroad or going on a conference abroad?

Did you know that if you are going abroad through UofT that you have to register with the Safety Abroad Office? This is to ensure that we can offer you full support if you face any emergencies abroad. Situations like the tsunami in Japan, hurricane Sandy and the incidents in Boston remind us that there are risks students face no matter where they go. How do you know if you are going abroad on a UofT activity? A UofT sponsored activity is defined by 3 things:

  • Getting credit or doing research affiliated with your degree
  • Getting funding
  • Sanctioned by the University

It is mandatory for all students who are participating in a UofT international activity contact their program or graduate administrator to do the following:

  • Register on the Safety Abroad 
  • Sign appropriate Waivers
  • Get travel health insurance while they are abroad
  • Attend a Pre-departure Orientation Workshop

Pre-Departure meetings are sponsored by the Safety Abroad Office. Generally, these meetings are 3-4 hours long, however, on occasion OISE arranges for the Safety Abroad Officer to conduct meetings specifically for OISE students going on an international internship which take place at OISE and are 2 hours in length.

If you have any questions please contact safety.abroad@utoronto.ca or contact your administrator to register for upcoming travel plans.

Please note:  Prior to making travel plans a preliminary determination should be made of the overall risk level and suitability of the University sponsored out-of-country activity. The assessment should consider special needs of the student including persons with disabilities and medical issues. When considering the appropriateness of a destination, the students should balance risk with academic necessity. All students should consults the DFAITD country report to ensure that they intended travel is in correspondence to the Safety Abroad Guidelines. If students intend to travel to higher risk destinations, anything assessed as “Avoid non-essential travel” or “Avoid all travel” by DFAITD, please contact the Safety Abroad Office when conceiving travel plans. You can reach the office at safety.abroad@utoronto.ca

For more information contact:

Safety Abroad Advisor

Centre for International Experience | University of Toronto

Cumberland House | 33 St.George  St., Room 305 | Toronto, Ontario | M5T 2Z9 Canada
Phone: 416-978-2564| www.cie.utoronto.ca


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