CIDE Current Students

The students in the CIDE collaborative program are a vibrant, dynamic group of more than 250 students. This year we welcome more than 60 new students, welcome!

There are many exciting opportunities for CIDEC students. As a current student, it is important that you are aware of important information. Students should keep up to date with the CIDE Program Requirements to ensure that they are completing the required courses, attending CIDEC seminars, and are in compliance with their home degree programs. Please note that every year, CIDE posts the upcoming and current course schedules to help students with their academic planning. The courses listed here along with the professors are all CIDE affiliated. 

Students who are coming to the end of their studies and are set to graduate should be aware of the CIDE Completion form. All CIDE students must complete this form and submit it to CIDEC before our office will inform the Registrars of your successful completion. 

There are many opportunities to get involved with CIDEC through CIDESA, and all students are encouraged to attend these events or even join CIDESA. We encourage students to be active members of our CIDE community and look forward to meeting you at our upcoming events.