CIDE Completion Information​


Congratulations! You have completed your CIDE requirements as well as your home degree program requirements and are excited to graduate! Our office will let the Registrars know about your successful CIDE completion after you have submitted your graduation forms.  The registrars require a letter from our office in order for them to add the collaborative your degree upon graduation. Upon successful completion of the CIDE collaborative, you will also receive your CIDE Certificate.

CIDE Graduation Forms

Graduation forms are to be filled out by CIDE students after they have completed the CIDE collaborative requirements AND their home degree requirements. CIDE graduation forms without the completion of departmental degree requirements will not be accepted. 

Graduation forms must be filled out in order for students to graduate and receive a certificate of completion from the Collaborative Specialization in Comparative, International, and Development Education. Please note that the form is required by the CIDE office to notify the Registrars Office of the completion. Please submit the CIDE graduation form (PDF Version, HTML Version) by email to 

CIDE Certificates

CIDE Certificates are issued to students who have successfully completed the requirements for CIDE. These certificates are issued by the School of Graduate Studies and are signed by the Director of CIDE. Upon receiving the CIDE Certificates from SGS, the CIDEC office will get into contact with the student to arrange for pickup of the certificate from the CIDEC office.