New CIDE Students​


Congratulations on your acceptance in the collaborative program in Comparative, International and Development Education (CIDE).  We’re in for an exciting year, with an intake for 2018-19 of 60 new CIDE students, and total enrollment of 182 students in our program. We’re looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to our active and dynamic group of researchers and practitioners in the field of comparative education.
There are many exciting opportunities for CIDEC students. As a current student, it is important that you are aware of important information. Students should keep up to date with the CIDE Program Requirements to ensure that they are completing the required courses, attending CIDEC seminars, and are in compliance with their home degree programs. Please note that every year, CIDE posts the Current and Upcoming CIDE Courses schedule to help students with their academic planning. 
For an exciting historical overview of the CIDE program please read the Tribute to Joe Farrell, co-founder of CIDE who unfortunately passed away in December 2012 only a few short years after this loving tribute was prepared by students and faculty at CIDE. Read Joe’s obituary in the Globe.

Orientation Package

We send a new student orientation packet in August each year with information on the upcoming events sponsored by CIDE Student Association (SA) and CIDE Centre (CIDEC). The packet included:

Important Notes

Please note that CIE 1001 is a mandatory course – best taken in the first or second term of your degree. This year the Introduction to Comparative, International and Development Education (CIE 1001) is being offered on Tuesday mornings in the fall, taught by Dr. Caroline Manion.  The winter section will be offered in the evenings at a time to be determined.  There are limited spaces in this course – just enough for the incoming cohort of 40 students and we encourage you to enroll in it as soon as possible.

You must submit a CIDE Graduation form at the end of your program that documents that you have met the program requirements.
The CIDEC ListServ is an essential means of communication for all CIDE community members especially for students as all major notices, including class cancellations, CIDE seminars, etc. will be posted to this list. Register as soon as possible for our e-mail listserv by emailing with your preferred email address.