2022-2023 Seminar Webcasts

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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Researching new approaches to school partnerships in England

Paul Armstrong & Stephen Rayner

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

White ignorance in the education and emergencies sector”

Francine Menashy

Monday, July 11 2022

“All you ever wanted to know about preparing for and attending conferences”

Vandra Masemann & Kara Janigan

Thursday, April 7 2022

“SDG 4 and Improving Early Grade Learning: Research Evidence from South Africa”

Brahm Fleisch

Thursday, March 24 2022

“Experience and Perspectives of Children and Parents of Post-Soviet Immigrant and Refugee Families: Educational Research on Stakeholders from a Seldom-noticed Group ”

Sarfaroz Niyozov, Stephen Bahry, Max Antony-Newman, Zahra Jafarova, Kateryna Pashchenko

Friday, February 18 2022

“The Joe Farell Symposium 2022”

Wednesday, January 19 2022

From exclusive to inclusive schools: The example of the Language Friendly School”

Dr. Emmanuelle Le-Pichon Vorstman & Dr. Ellen Rose Kambel

Thursday, January 13 2022

“Incentives for University Internationalization in Argentina, Canada Lithuania, Portugal and Taiwan”

Tuesday, January 24 2023

“Soundscapes of the diver[city]: Understanding languages and cultures as dynamic and synergic complex systems”

Dr. Yecid Ortega

Thursday, January 26 2023

“Educational research for development in Ghana, Honduras, and Nicaragua: Community-based reading camps for young children”

Kara Janigan, Vongaishe Changamire, and project partners from Ghana, Honduras, and Nicaragua