CIDEC ListServ


CIDEC-ml-OISE-L is intended to keep students and faculty with an interest in Comparative, International and Development Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE) informed of the wide range of events, activities, and professional opportunities available at OISE. Upon approval of the list administrator, members of the broader international and comparative education community may subscribe. CIDEC-ml-OISE-L is not a discussion list.

CIDEC-ml-OISE-L accepts postings from its members regarding campus events, activities, and professional opportunities related to comparative and international education. The use of this list is limited to non-commercial activities. The subscriber database is the property of the University of Toronto and the list owner, and may not be used for commercial purposes, including direct e-mail solicitation.

Subscription to the list represents an agreement by the subscriber to the terms, conditions, and restrictions on use as stipulated herein and as amended from time to time by e-mail notice to the subscriber list. This listserv is a new system for the CIDEC community. Current subscribers will need to obtain a password in order to manage and post to this new listserv.

Subscribing To The CIDEC ListServ

In order to subscribe to the CIDEC-ml-OISE-L listserv, please send an email to In the email, please

1) explain your interest in the CIDE listserv

2) describe your relationship with the University of Toronto

3) indicate your professional affiliations

Once you are subscribed, you can post relevant messages to all the list members by completing the form on the UTORList system. If you are not sure whether your post is relevant to the CIDE community, please send the message and your inquiry to

Instructions for Posting Message to the CIDEC-ML-OISE-L Listserv:

There are two ways to post a message to the listserv.

1. From the account of your Listserv subscription, send an email to (Please note that the email to this address goes to ALL listserv subscribers)

2. Use the UTORList form:

a. Go to the UTORList system login page.

b. Click on “Subscriber’s Corner” on the upper left-hand corner.

c. Chose CIDEC-ML-OISE-L from your list of subscriptions.

d. Under Options select “Post New Message”

e. Fill out the email form.

f. Click on the checkbox that sends a copy of the message to your email address.

g. Click “Send”.