CIDEC Newsletters

Current Newsletters

CIDEC’s Spring 2022 Newsletter (PDF) (Word)

Read about: *Director’s Message *The Joseph P. Farrell Student Research Symposium *Honors and Awards *Interview with Dr. Grace Karram Stephenson *CIDE Student Association *CIDEC Interest Groups *Spring 2022 Graduates *CIDE Faculty, Alumni, and Students’ Publications

Past Newsletters

CIDEC’s Fall 2021 Newsletter (PDF) (Word)

Read about: *Directors Message *Honors and Awards *Community News *Community Titles *CIDESA *CIDE IGs *CIDE Fall 2021 Graduates *CIDE Publications

CIDEC’s Spring 2021 Newsletter (PDF) (Word)

Read about: *Director’s Message *JPFSRS *Community News *CIDESA *CIDEC Interest Groups *Dr. Kathy Bickmore Interview *June 2021 Graduates *Research Reports *Awards *Publications 

Archived Newsletters

Please Note: The following list of CIDEC Newsletters is archived for record-keeping purposes. The following newsletters are not accessible, however starting January 1st 2021, all future newsletters will be uploaded in compliance to AODA guidelines. 

CIDEC’s Fall 2020 Newsletter

Read about: *OISE virtual coffee *JPFSRS *New International EDD *Dr. Reva Joshee Interview *CIDESA *CIDEC Interest Groups *Fall 2020 Graduates *Research Reports *Awards *Publications *CIDEC History

CIDEC’s Spring 2020 Newsletter

Read about:*Director’s Message *Invitation to Join OISE Virtual Coffee * End-of-Term Social (2019) *J.P. Farrell Student Research Symposium 2020 * New Course Announcement *CIDE Student Association Call for Participation *Interview with Claudia Diaz Rios *Student Research *Practicum News *CIDE Graduates *CIDE Faculty Activities *Publications *Awards *Places to Read and Publish *Local COVID Response *Artistic Commentary

CIDEC Fall 2019 Newsletter

read about: *Director’s Message *Meet & Greet *Resource Highlights *CIDE Student Association *CIDE Special Interest Groups *CIDE Graduates * Alumni News *Notes from the Field *CIDE Faculty Research *Canada-China Partnership *News from Ruth Hayhoe * Publications *Awards *Events

CIDEC Fall 2018 Newsletter

read about: * Director’s Message * Interview with Dr. Miglena Todorova * CIDE SA *Learning From Our CIDE Alumni * Report from the Field *Student Activities Report *Poetry *Awards *Publications

CIDEC Spring 2018 Newsletter

read about: * Director’s Message * Thanks to Outgoing CIDE Director *Interview with Elizabeth Buckner * J.P. Farrell Student Research Symposium *Youth, Education & Peacebuilding Conference *CIES 2018 *CIES Symposium *Report from the Field *Alumni News *Visiting Scholars* Conference Presentations & Keynote Addresses *Awards *Publications *CIDE Graduates Fall 2017 & Spring 2018