CIDEC Newsletters

Please Note: The following list of CIDEC Newsletters is archived for record-keeping purposes. The following newsletters are not accessible, however starting January 1st 2021, all future newsletters will be uploaded in compliance to AODA guidelines. 

Archived Newsletters

CIDEC’s Fall 2020 Newsletter

Read about: *OISE virtual coffee *JPFSRS *New International EDD *Dr. Reva Joshee Interview *CIDESA *CIDEC Interest Groups *Fall 2020 Graduates *Research Reports *Awards *Publications *CIDEC History

CIDEC’s Spring 2020 Newsletter

Read about:*Director’s Message *Invitation to Join OISE Virtual Coffee * End-of-Term Social (2019) *J.P. Farrell Student Research Symposium 2020 * New Course Announcement *CIDE Student Association Call for Participation *Interview with Claudia Diaz Rios *Student Research *Practicum News *CIDE Graduates *CIDE Faculty Activities *Publications *Awards *Places to Read and Publish *Local COVID Response *Artistic Commentary

CIDEC Fall 2019 Newsletter

read about: *Director’s Message *Meet & Greet *Resource Highlights *CIDE Student Association *CIDE Special Interest Groups *CIDE Graduates * Alumni News *Notes from the Field *CIDE Faculty Research *Canada-China Partnership *News from Ruth Hayhoe * Publications *Awards *Events

CIDEC Fall 2018 Newsletter

read about: * Director’s Message * Interview with Dr. Miglena Todorova * CIDE SA *Learning From Our CIDE Alumni * Report from the Field *Student Activities Report *Poetry *Awards *Publications

CIDEC Spring 2018 Newsletter

read about: * Director’s Message * Thanks to Outgoing CIDE Director *Interview with Elizabeth Buckner * J.P. Farrell Student Research Symposium *Youth, Education & Peacebuilding Conference *CIES 2018 *CIES Symposium *Report from the Field *Alumni News *Visiting Scholars* Conference Presentations & Keynote Addresses *Awards *Publications *CIDE Graduates Fall 2017 & Spring 2018