Over 50 University of Toronto faculty members are affiliated with CIDEC, offering our students and the centre a wide range of research interests, methods, and regional foci. Several of our faculty are also involved in the Initial Teacher Education program at OISE.

To learn more about opportunities in CIDEC, please contact the CIDEC Administrator, in the Leadership, Higher and Adult Education (LHAE) Department at OISE. 

Under the direction of Dr. Kathy Bickmore, CIDEC sponsors several dynamic research projects, such as the Canada-Afghanistan/Central Eurasia Education Research Group and the UNICEF global education report, and regular events, such as the CIDEC Seminar Series. Our faculty and students are also very active in comparative and international education societies, such as the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), the Comparative and International Education Society of Canada (CIESC), and Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID).

Former CIDE Director Dr. Karen Mundy served a four-year term on the CIES Board. Four of our faculty members, including the late Dr. David Wilson and Dr. Joe Farrell were presidents of CIES.