CIDE Faculty


Over 50 University of Toronto faculty members are affiliated with CIDEC, offering our students and the centre a wide range of research interests, methods, and regional foci. Several of our faculty are also involved in the Initial Teacher Education program at OISE.

Former CIDE Director Dr. Karen Mundy served a four-year term on the CIES Board. Four of our faculty members, including the late Dr. David Wilson and Dr. Joe Farrell were presidents of CIES.

CIDE Affiliated Faculty Members

* Names appearing with an asterisk represent CIDE/C Steering Committee Members

Stephen Anderson, Professor Emeritus, LHAE

Implementation of education policy and program change; school improvement and teacher development; program evaluation.

Nina Bascia, Professor, LHAE

Policy analysis; teachers’ organizations.

Abigail Bakan, Profesor, SJE

Jeff Bale*, Associate Professor, CTL

Language diversity; second language learning.

Kathy Bickmore*, Professor, CTL – Curriculum & Pedagogy Education for democracy; peacebuilding, and conflict resolution in comparative perspective.

Megan Boler, Professor, SJE

Philosophy of technology; post-structuralism.

Elizabeth Buckner*, Assistant Professor, LHAE

Globalization and neoliberalism effects on higher education and citizenship.

Anna (Katyn) Chmielewski*, Associate Professor, LHAE 

National educational and social policies and income inequality.

George J. Sefa Dei, Professor, SJE

Anti-racism and domination studies; sociology of race, ethnicity; international development.

Claudia Diaz Rios,* Assistant Professor, LHAE – Educational Policy and Leadership

Diane Farmer, Associate Professor, SJE

Joseph Flessa, Professor, LHAE

Urban education; schooling and poverty.

Antoinette Gagné*, Associate Professor, CTL

ESL issues; teaching strategies for diversity.

Ruben Gaztambide-Fernandez, Associate Professor, CTL

Arts education; curriculum.

Diane Gérin-Lajoie, Professor Emerita, CTL

Teacher and student identity; teaching in minority settings.

Wanja Gitari, Associate Professor, CTL

Indigenous cultures; science learning and equity.

Ruth E. S. Hayhoe*, Professor, LHAE

Comparative higher education; international academic relations; higher education in Asia.

Monica Heller, Professor, SJE

Franco-Ontario studies; social inequality.

Eunice Jang, Associate Professor, CTL

Educational assessment and measurement.

Elena Toukan, Assistant Professor, CTL

Education and Social Development

Glen Jones, Professor, LHAE

Policy and politics of higher education.

Reva Joshee, Associate Professor, LHAE

Democratic approaches to policy; diversity and social justice policies.

Julie Kerekes*, Associate Professor, CTL

Second language acquisition; linguistics.

Jane Knight, Adjunct Professor, LHAE

Internationalization of higher education

Normand Labrie, Professor, CTL

Des langues, des politiques linguistiques et des minorités linguistiques, notamment francophones

Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman*, Assistant Professor, CTL – Language and Literacies Education

Multilingual education, inclusion of minority (migrant & indigenous) pupils

Caroline (Carly) Manion*, Lecturer, LHAE/CIDEC Sociology of education; equity; gender; faith-based schooling; governance; policy analysis.

Vandra Masemann, Adjunct Associate Professor, CIDEC Comparative and international education; anthropology of education; critical ethnography.

Lance T. McCready, Associate Professor

Education, health and well-being of gay Black urban youth; access to higher education.

Kiran Mirchandani, Professor, LHAE Transnational service work.

Gavin Moodie, Adjunct Professor, LHAE

Access to higher ed; structures of tertiary, vocational and higher education

Cecilia Morgan, Professor, CTL

Gender; colonialism; imperialism.

Shahrzad Mojab, Professor, LHAE

Globalization; feminism and women’s education; women and war in the Middle East.

Karen Mundy*, Professor, LHAE

Educational policy and reform in Sub-Saharan Africa; the role of civil society organizations in educational change.

Sarfaroz Niyozov*, Associate Professor, CTL

Global education; international and comparative curriculum studies/education.

Fikile Nxumalo, Assistant Professor, CTL C&P

Place-based and environmental education; Black feminism; Black and children’s geographies

Enrica Piccardo, Associate Professor, CTL

French as a second and foreign language; teacher development, evaluation.

John Portelli, Professor, SJE

Democratic values; student engagement.

Creso Sá, Professor, LHAE

Higher education; public policy.

Peter Sawchuk, Professor, LHAE

Adult Learning Theory; Labour Studies Social Movement Studies.

Grace Karram Stephenson, Post Doctoral Fellow, LHAE

Sandra Styres, Assistant Professor, CTL

Indigenous language, literacy and education, land centred approaches to language.

Vannina Sztainbok, Assistant Professor, SJE

Anti-racist feminism, Afro-Latin American race and gender studies, psychoanalysis, race and space

Miglena Todorova*, Assistant Professor, SJE

Transnational feminisms, feminist media, culture and hegemony, women in post-socialism, violence against women

Harold Troper, Professor, CTL

Immigrant, ethnic and minority group history.

Njoki Wane, Professor, SJE

Gender, colonialism and development; anti-racism education.

Leesa Wheelahan Professor, LHAE

Social justice and education outcomes; vocational education