Current CIDE/C Director

CIDEC Director (Carly Manion)Dr Carly ManionAssociate Professor, Teaching Stream, LHAE, CIDE Specialization Director (July 2021- Present)

Department: Leadership, Higher and Adult Education


An abiding interest in promoting equality in and through education informs my teaching and research in the field of comparative, international and development education. Some specific topics and areas of specialization include, gender, global education policy, international organizations, education governance, and teachers, teaching, and teacher development. I have international teaching and research experience, including in East Asia, East and West Africa, South America, and North America regions. 




Former CIDE/C Directors

Pictured here is Dr. Kathy Bickmore, the Current CIDE Director since 2017

Dr. Kathy Bickmore, Professor, CIDE Specialization Director (2018- June 30th 2021)

Department: Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Phone: (416) 978-0237

My current research examines young people’s lived experiences of citizen agency and public school citizenship education in urban neighborhoods experiencing violence in Canada and Mexico



Pictured here is Dr. Stephen Anderson, CIDE Director from 2014-2017

Stephen Anderson, Professor, Director (to December 2017)

My research interests include the implementation of education policy and program change, school improvement and teacher development (classroom, school, and school district levels), and program evaluation.

Pictured here is Dr. Sarfaroz Niyozov, CIDE Co-Director from 2012-2014

Sarfaroz Niyozov, Associate Professor (Co-Director To July 1, 2014)

Curriculum studies and teacher development; Working toward a better understanding of diversity and commonalities in education, cultural and social practices in developing Muslim, and post-Soviet societies.

Pictured here is Dr. Karen Mundy, CIDE Co-Director until 2012

Karen Mundy, Professor  (Co-Director to Dec. 31, 2012)

Comparative and international education; educational policy and reform in Sub-Saharan Africa; Canadian development aid policies in education; the politics of international cooperation in the field of education; education for all initiatives, including transnational advocacy efforts for basic education; international organizations with education mandates (i.e. the World Bank, UNESCO, the OECD).