Program Committee​


Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Kathy Bickmore- PhD – CSTD program

Sarfaroz Niyozov – PhD – CSTD program

Antoinette Gagné – PhD – LLE program

Julie Kerkes – PhD – LLE program

Social Justice Education

Todorova, Miglena –PhD – SJE Program

Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Ruth Hayhoe – PhD – HE program

Elizabeth Buckner –PhD – HE program

Claudia Díaz Rios – PhD – ELP program

Karen Mundy – PhD – AECD program 

CIDE/CIDEC Administration

Caroline (Carly) Manion*, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, ELP/LHAE, CIDE/C Director: Sociology of education; equity; inclusive education; gender; governance; education policy; international education. 

Sazna Aliyar*, CIDEC Program Administrator

Steering Committee 

The Centre (along with the Collaborative Specialization) is administered by a steering committee normally consisting of at least one core faculty member from each of the six participating home programs in the three CIDE affiliated departments, plus Student Association representative(s). Additional steering committee members are welcomed on a voluntary basis. The steering committee is chaired by the Director.

This committee meets at least once in each academic term, with additional meetings as needed. Members of the steering committee provide advice to the Director on new program directions and on the Director’s annual program reports. The steering committee, along with the Director, is responsible for changes to centre priorities, specialization program requirements and course offerings, and changes to program requirements and course offerings admissions decisions.

Steering Committee Members:

Jeff Bale, Associate Professor, CTL

Language diversity; second language learning.

Kathy Bickmore, Professor, CTL – Curriculum & Pedagogy Education for democracy; peacebuilding, and conflict resolution in comparative perspective.

Elizabeth Buckner, Assistant Professor, LHAE

Globalization and neoliberalism effects on higher education and citizenship.

Anna (Katyn) Chmielewski, Associate Professor, LHAE 

National educational and social policies and income inequality.

Claudia Diaz Rios, Assistant Professor, LHAE – Educational Policy and Leadership

Antoinette Gagné, Associate Professor, CTL

ESL issues; teaching strategies for diversity.

Ruth E. S. Hayhoe, Professor, LHAE

Comparative higher education; international academic relations; higher education in Asia.

Julie Kerekes, Associate Professor, CTL

Second language acquisition; linguistics.

Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman, Assistant Professor, CTL – Language and Literacies Education Multilingual education, inclusion of minority (migrant & indigenous) pupils

Caroline (Carly) Manion, Lecturer, LHAE/CIDEC Sociology of education; equity; gender; faith-based schooling; governance; policy analysis.

Karen Mundy, Professor, LHAE

Educational policy and reform in Sub-Saharan Africa; the role of civil society organizations in educational change.

Sarfaroz Niyozov, Associate Professor, CTL

Global education; international and comparative curriculum studies/education.

Miglena Todorova, Assistant Professor, SJE

Transnational feminisms, feminist media, culture and hegemony, women in post-socialism, violence against women

Gabrielle Thibeault-Orsi, CIDE/C GA

Yara Abdelaziz, CIDE SA

Yilun Jiang, CIDE SA