2018 Worldviews Lecture: Free Speech on Campus with Dr. Sigal Ben-Porath

2018 Worldviews Lecture: Free Speech on Campus with Dr. Sigal Ben-Porath

Over the last few years many campuses became embroiled in free speech controversies. In her recent book, Free Speech on Campus, Dr. Sigal Ben-Porath suggests that campuses need to reaffirm their commitment to free speech and to inclusion, and to be clear about how both are tightly linked to their core mission.

On April 5, 2018 Dr. Sigal Ben-Porath is in Toronto for the 2018 Worldviews Lecture on Higher Education and the Media.

Dr. Ben-Porath’s Worldviews talk will present the three levels of the Free Speech debate:

Substance: what can we talk about, and are there things we cannot or should not say? Must universities stay neutral in their position campus talks and speakers?

Impact: are certain views too hurtful to voice, such that they must be silenced to avoid negative psychological or social consequences? Are universities practicing such ‘considerate silencing’?

Public perception: When speech events flare into the media, they are often inaccurately portrayed and as a result cannot be effectively addressed. Universities in fact practice free speech and open inquiry in their everyday practice, even as they have aspects that should be improved. Can universities contribute to the conversation such that the public understanding of their work corresponds with the mission and practice of the higher education sector? Ben-Porath offers a clear framing for understanding current free speech tensions and for responding to them in the classroom, in students’ social associations and clubs, and in public events on campus, as well as in the public debate.

Date and Time

Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 1:30-4:00 PM


OISE Library Main Floor

252 Bloor Street West

Toronto, ON M5R