Seminar: Wednesday May 8, 4-5.30 pm, OISE rm. 7-105

Seminar on Wednesday May 8, 4-5.30 pm, OISE rm. 7-105:


Locating agency in student-migration pathways in the UK and Japan: Reflecting on biographical-narratives of trajectories through the education-migration nexus


Thomas Brotherhood

Centre for Global Higher Education, University of Oxford


Abstract   International flows of students and workers are increasingly entwined, reflected in recent critical concern towards the so-called “education-migration nexus.” Present understandings of the nexus utilise push-pull models of stay-return dynamics, which I seek to supplement by offering an agency-centred approach. I use a longitudinal qualitative research design comprising biographical-narrative and semi-structured interviews with international students who remain in their host country post-study. Findings indicate the variable deployment of distinct elements of agency throughout the transition from student to worker status, fundamental to participants’ individual trajectories, and acting as a feedback mechanism within the nexus, potentially influencing future mobility flows.


Biography   Thomas Brotherhood is a research associate at the University of Oxford, working within the Centre for Global Higher Education under the supervision of Professor Simon Marginson. Tom’s research focuses on evolving global/local dynamics within higher education and draws on the perspectives of a variety of actors throughout the sector, in pursuit of an inclusive and stable global higher education landscape. He currently works primarily on the migration of international students and faculty in the UK and Japan.