Core Faculty

Dr. Creso Sá

Professor & Founding Director of CIHE

Science & technology policy, universities and economic development, entrepreneurship, organizational studies, policy analysis, research use

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Dr. Ruth Childs

Professor & Ontario Research Chair in Postsecondary Education Policy and Measurement

Large-scale assessments, admissions processes, evaluation systems

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Dr. Ruth Hayhoe

Professor, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education

Comparative & international higher education, comparative education theory, international academic relations, Chinese higher education

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Dr. Katharine Janzen

Professor & Coordinator of Leadership M.Ed. Cohorts, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education

Curriculum theory, design and development, teaching and tearning strategies, organization development, education research, and leadership and change in education

Dr. Glen Jones

Professor & Dean, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Canadian higher education, governance, politics, and academic work

Higher Education in Canada
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Dr. Stephanie Waterman

Associate Professor, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education

Native American/Indigenous college student experiences, Native American student affairs, Indigenous methodologies, critical race theories


Dr. Elizabeth Leesa Wheelahan

Professor, William G. Davis Chair, Community College Leadership

Vocational education and training, community colleges, curriculum studies, labour market pathways, skills

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Research Group

Dr. Elizabeth Buckner

Assistant Professor, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education

Globalization, neoliberalism, and privatization of higher education.



Dr. Daniel Corral

Assistant Professor, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education

Postsecondary access, education policy, racially minoritized students, quantitative methods

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Associate Members

Dr. Sandra Acker

Professor Emerita, Social Justice Education

Changes in academic work, the social production of academic research, gender and academe, women academics in leadership positions, doctoral student and graduate experiences, university tenure and other evaluative practices



Dr. Daniel Lang

Professor Emeritus, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education

Research and scholarship aimed at improving institutional performance, mainly in the areas of management, planning, budgeting, organization, and accountability

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Dr. Gavin Moodle

Adjunct Professor, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education

Relations between college (vocational) and university (higher) education in developed Anglophone countries

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Dr. Linda Muzzin

Professor Emerita, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Sociology of knowledge and professions, minoritized faculty, non-dominant ways of knowing

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Dr. Michael Skolnik

Professor Emeritus, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education

Factors influencing design of higher education systems, and implications of different system designs for accessibility, quality, innovation, costs, and effectiveness of higher education in meeting social needs

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Eric Lavigne

Academic Administration, Management, and Leadership; Higher Education Governance and Policy; Organizational Politics; Managers' Performance Appraisals; and Educational Pathways to Education and Work.


Dr. Grace Karram Stephenson

Changing Academic Profession Study

Comparative and international higher education, international branch-campuses, internationalization, college student development, regional identity, higher education in Malaysia and the Arab Gulf

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Previous Visiting Scholars & Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Silvia Annen

Researcher, Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

Recognition of qualifications and competenciesInformal and non-formal learning, Qualification requirements in the commercial sector, International comparative (vocational) education research.

Dr. Roger Pizarro Milian

Postdoctoral Researcher, Nippissing University

Sociology of Education, Organization Studies, Higher Education Marketing, Mixed Methods

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