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Advancing the cause of equity, social justice and democracy in education.
Advancing the cause of equity, social justice and democracy in education.

Our Members


Reva Joshee, OISE/UT rojoshee@oise.utoronto.ca

John Portelli, OISE/UT john.portelli@utoronto.ca

James Ryan, OISE/UT jim.ryan@utoronto.ca

Core Members

Denise Armstrong, Brock University  darmstrong@brocku.ca

Andrew Beecher, OISE/UT

Andrew is in the MEd Educational Administration Program in TPS at OISE. His area of interest is the preparation of administrators for diverse schools towards equity, social justice and democracy. In examining current programs and policies he hopes to assist in the provision of solutions to this end.

Zhara Bhanji, OISE/UT

Zhara is in the PhD Program, TPS/Education Administration and is an instructor of the Issues in Global and International Education course in the B.Ed. program at OISE/UT. She recently taught courses in the International Project Management Program, School of Business at Humber College. Experiences prior to coming to OISE include working with the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, spending eight months on an International Development Management Fellowship working in rural India on development projects and working in the Office of the Ontario Minister for Education. Her research interests/areas of expertise include Leadership from a Comparative and International Perspective, Educational Policy Studies, Comparative and International Education, Globalization and the Role of Multinational Technology Corporations in Education, Information Communication Technology and Education, Global and International Education and Canadian Aid Policies in Education.

Nina Bascia, OISE/UT nina.basia@utoronto.ca 

Dwight Boyd, OISE/UT

Gwendolyn D. Bourdon

Gwendolyn was a student of OISE/UT (TPS) in Higher Education/Health Profession Education from 2001-2004. She received her Master of Education degree in November, 2004. Her research interests include accreditation of education programmes, the relationship between accreditation of education programmes and the professional regulatory bodies, the recognition of academic and professional qualifications, human rights, education as a human right, patient education material in languages other than English, competence of health care professionals, interprofessional education, cultural competence. Gwendolyn is a Registered Nurse, with a focus of professional practice in community nursing.

Caroline Chassels, OISE/UT caroline.chassels@utoronto.ca

Sharon Leonie Brown, OISE/UT

Leonie is a PhD Candidate in the department of Theory and Policy in Higher Education. Her work investigates the educational experiences of marginalized students in Higher education. In particular, she investigates at resilience, spirituality and engaged pedagogy to help identify and these experiences. Her goal is to promote an inclusive space in the academy that will support freedom and social justice for all students, as well as for the greater good of all people. Her research deals heavily with equity and feminist issues.

Joseph Flessa, OISE/UT joseph.flessa@utoronto.ca 

Erin Irish, OISE/UT eirish@oise.utoronto.ca

Fred MacDonald, OISE/UT, Toronto District School Board macdonald_fred@hotmail.com

Laura Pinto, OISE/UT laura.pinto@utoronto.ca

Katina Pollock, UWO kpolloc7@uwo.ca

Sue Winton smwinton@buffalo.edu

Coleen Stewart, OISE/UT, coleen.stewart@utoronto.ca

Stephanie Tuters, OISE/UT stephanie.tuters@utoronto.ca

Stephanie is a PhD candidate in LHAE at OISE. Her interests include - teacher identity, how teachers understand and do equity work, leadership, diversity, theory, policy and diversity in rural schools.  

Django Keita, Ontario Ministry of Education, CPU dkeita@rogers.com

Django is a PhD graduate from the Department of Theory and Policy Studies at
OISE/UT. As a Bilingual Senior Policy Advisory in the Ministry of Education,
Government of Ontario, his research interests include anti-racism, social
justice, equity and parental involvement in school. His dissertation
investigated the involvement in school of racial francophone parents in a double
minority context. Specifically, how minoritized and racialized francophone
parents participate in their children's education, and how their double/multiple
positioning affect their home-school relationship.

Ann Lopez, OISE/UT ann.lopez@utoronto.ca

Ann is a lecturer at OISE in the teacher education and educational administration departments. Her research has primarily focused on the areas of diversity, equity and social justice in teacher education and leadership. She has a particular interest in how teachers embed issues equity and diversity in their practice, school leaders promote social justice, equity and inclusion in schools, and mentoring focused on equity and diversity. Research methodologies include collaborative action research, ethnography, and narrative inquiry. 

 Affiliate Members

Estina Phillips Boddie

Estina is an M.Ed. candidate in the Higher Education program (TPS) at OISE. Her research interests include equity, social justice and diversity in education. Estina holds a B.A. in Employment Relations/Sociology from the University of Toronto

Carmel Borg

Paul R. Carr

Paul R. Carr is assistant professor in the Beeghly College of Education at Youngstown State University in Ohio. Originally from Toronto, he continues to do research on anti-racism, equity, and policymaking in education. He completed his doctorate in the Sociology of Education at OISE in 1996, with his thesis focusing on anti-racism and transformational change in education. For 17 years he was a Senior Policy Advisor in the Ontario government, primarily in the Ministry of Education, where he worked on a range of equity in education policies, programs, and initiatives. Presently, Paul teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the sociology of education, qualitative methodology, educational policymaking, and multicultural leadership in education. One of his current research projects centres around the issue of democracy and social justice in education. In 2007, a book he edited with Darren E. Lund of the University of Calgary entitled The Great White North? Exploring Whiteness, Privilege, and Identity in Education will be published by SENSE Publishing. In another collaborative effort with Dr. Lund, they are working on a second book entitled Doing Democracy and Social Justice in Education, which will be published by Peter Lang in 2008. Paul is involved in ongoing research on interculturalism, environmental education, and democratic education with colleagues in French- and Spanish-speaking contexts.

Sean Coutts sean.coutts@utoronto.ca

Sean Coutts is a PhD student in the Department of Theory and Policy Studies at OISE/UT. His interests include corporate values versus the creation of engaged citizens.

Jim Daku

Jim Daku is a second year PhD student in the Department of Theory and Policy Studies at OISE/UT. His studies have focused on diversity, critical democracy and student engagement and the impact of personal values on leadership.

Yonette Dey

Yonnette is Course Director at York University, Faculty of Education (2nd of 3 year term; seconded faculty). She has been a Vice Principal with the Toronto District School Board (for 2 years) and a Teacher with the Toronto District School Board (for 9 years). Her research interests include Leadership, Culturally Responsive Leadership, Community Involvement, Inclusive Curriculum, Life History Research.

Catherine Hands, OISE/UT

Jun Hirata, Hiroski University, Japan

Jun is a Lecturer at the Department of School Education, Faculty of Education at Hirosaki University. Research interests include School Councils and Accountability.

Zahra Hojati, OISE/UT

Zahra is an Ed.D. candidate in Higher education (TPS) with a collaborative program in Women’s studies. She has a B.A and M.A in educational administration from Iran, and worked as a registrar and educational researcher at Shiraz University in Iran. Zahra has worked as a Research assistant in the department of applied psychology at OISE, and a member of advisory group in family service association (FSA) in Toronto. Her research interests include Anti-racist, Anti-colonial , and Women’s study in higher education.

Eric Jabal, OISE/UT ericjabal@gmail.com

Sonia James-Wilson, University of Rochester

Sonia is an Assistant Professor at the Warner Graduate School of the University of Rochester where she is teaches courses in Teaching and Curriculum and Educational Leadership. Her research interests include urban and inclusive (anti-racist) education, teacher leadership, educational reform and integrated arts. She has worked in the field as a classroom teacher, educational researcher, consultant, and teacher educator in both Canada and the United States. Her research and writing are focused on ways in which multiple forms of differences amongst people contribute to injustice and inequality in education.

Lauri Johnson, Boston College, lauri.johnson@bc.edu

Lauri Johnson is an Associate Professor at Boston College where she teaches leadership courses with an equity and social justice focus and coordinates an Ed.D. program for professional school administrators (PSAP) from throughout Massachusetts. From 1999 - 2009 she was a faculty member in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University at Buffalo. Her research interests include how White educators conceptualize race, school district policies to promote educational equity, historical and contemporary studies of urban school reform, and culturally responsive urban school leadership in national and international contexts. She is currently engaged in an ongoing study that seeks to identify the role of parent and community activism in the development of educational equity policies and diversity curriculum in three urban school districts (New York City, Toronto, and London) over a forty-year period (1968 – 2008).

Catherine A. Lugg, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Department of Theory, Policy & Administration
Graduate School of Education

Catherine Lugg's interests include: Educational politics and policy, the politics of law, social justice, queer issues, social history.

Chris McGrath

Chris is a PhD Candidate in Theory and Policy Studies at OISE/UT whose research interests centre around the experiences of queer-identified people in the academy and how they use their understanding of self as 'other' to effect social/policy/curricular change.

Elizabeth MacDonald, Limestone District School Board

Anne Marrien, Director or Programs, Canadian Race Relations Foundation

Peter Mayo, University of Malta peter.mayo@um.edu.mt

Peter is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Education Studies, Faculty of Education at the University of Malta. He has a Ph.D (Sociology) from OISE/UT. His areas of interest include Gramsci, Freire, Workers´ Education, Critical Pedagogy, Museum Education, Anti-Racist Education and issues concerning multi-ethnicity, Postcolonialism, Identity and Difference, Schools as Community Learning Centres, University Continuing Education, The Debate around Lifelong Learning.

Agata Mleczko, Universita degli Studi di Milano Bicocca agata.mleczko@nottingham.ac.uk

Agata Mleczko is a PhD student at the Adam Mickiewicz University, currently conducting her dissertation research in Italy on Chinese Diaspora in Milan. She is part of a research project financed by Italian government, that will examine the education of the second generation. Her research interests include how formal education shapes immigrants' life trajectories.

Jason Price, Nippissing University jasonp@uvic.ca

Michelle Stack, University of British Columbia michelle.stack@ubc.ca

Michelle is an Assistant Professor in Educational Administration and Leadership at the University of British Columbia. Her areas of interest include Social Justice, Impact of Media on Policy and leadership, Media and Pathologizing of Children. Youth and Participatory Research, Critical Policy Analysis, Media Education.

Janice Wallace, University of Alberta wallacej@ualberta.ca

Humera Javed, Wilfrid Laurier University  hjaved@wlu.ca 1-519-884-0710 x4584

Diversity and equity officer at Wilfrid Laurier University, areas of interest include: diversity, equity, and inclusion in education, social innovation, capacity-building, anti-oppression (anti-racism), intra and inter-faith dialogue.

Tanya Senk tsenk@edu.yorku.ca

York University, Faculty of Education - seconded from TDSB - Instructional Leader - Aboriginal Education. Areas of interest include aboriginal Education, Social Justice and the Arts, Urban Education, Community and Popular Education, Cultural Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Teacher Education, and Equity in Education.

Matthew Joubarne

Matt is a graduate of the Master of International Relations program at Bond University (Queensland, Australia), where his research interests included strategic culture, Islam in contemporary society, Asia-North American trade relations and east-west diplomacy. His dissertation focused on how Chinese strategic culture defines the government’s foreign energy policy, and how said policy impacts American foreign policy and the growing relationship between the two countries. As a Policy and Program Analyst with the Ministry of Education, Government of Ontario, Matts interests include barriers to social justice, the value of diversity, the role of leadership in education policy and the prospects of education as a deterrent to extremism.

Christine Bellini christine.bellini@utoronto.ca

Christine is a PhD candidate at OISE/UT. She is interested in gender and sexuality in education and has been an advisor of a Gay Straight Alliance in a secondary school for five years. Most of her graduate research has centered on LGBTQ teens.

Angel Brown majorie.brown@utoronto.ca

Angel is a current PhD student in TPS and graduate of AECP with an interest in cultural competence
and the development of administrators in higher education.

Allison Clinton, OISE/UT, Peel District School Board

Allison is a Superintendent of Education with the Peel District School Board, and is assigned to Secondary Schools (10). She is a doctoral student in Theory and Policy Studies, where her area of study is leadership through a critical theory lens. Allison is an adjunct lecturer for OISE/UT in the pre-service Alt 5 program teaching School and Society. She has been an educator for 31 years, and was a secondary principal in two schools, a superintendent of an elementary family of schools (22).

Eric Fredua-Kwarteng, OISE/UT

Valentyna Kushnarenko, OISE/UT

Brenda McMahon, OISE/UT, Toronto District School Board bmcmahon@fsu.edu

Mandira Raksit, OISE/UT

Lorayne Robertson lorayne.roberston@uoit.ca

Cindy Rottmann, University of Manitoba rottmann@cc.umanitoba.ca

Eva Sancho

Sabrina Saunders

Marlene Ruck-Simmons, OISE/UT

Virginia Stead, OISE/UT

Ann Yeong

Ann is a Doctoral Student in the Philosophy of Education program (TPS) at OISE. She came to Canada after having completed G.C.E. 'A' - levels in Singapore. Ann recently completed her M.A. in Philosophy of Education and is now enrolled in the doctoral stream of the same program. In my M.A. thesis she explored how implicit epistemological presuppositions may covertly impede commitment to critical multicultural education. Ann’s current area of interest is investigating the insight that epistemology can offer on student engagement and educational leadership. She is also interested in exploring how teachers' and educators' epistemological presuppositions affect their practices in pedagogy/curriculum and policy making as well as their perception of students as epistemic agents. Finally, she is interested in how these issues may be significant in a multiracial and/or multicultural context.

Lindy Zaresky, OISE/UT, York Region District School Board

Rodney Handelsman

Rodney Handelsman is a PhD candidate in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University. His research interests include alternative schools, critical pedagogy, social justice education, service learning and Deleuzian-inspired assemblage theory.  He was a founding teacher of a public alternative high school for students placed at risk of failure in Montreal, Quebec.  He has taught K-12 and post-secondary, and worked in the field as a pedagogical consultant and curriculum writer (Ontario & Quebec) as well as a researcher and teacher educator (Canada and South Africa).  His current research explores the forces and nested contexts that shape student experiences of success/failure and belonging/alienation within public “second-chance” alternative schools in Canada.

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