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Advancing the cause of equity, social justice and democracy in education.
Advancing the cause of equity, social justice and democracy in education.



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Hannah Arendt & Jean Baudrillard: Pedagogy in the consumer society (Trevor Norris).

School Commercialism and the Fate of Public Schooling: What's "Good" for America? (Book Review by Trevor Norris).

Toward an Equitable Education: Poverty, Diversity, and Students at Risk (John P. Portelli, Carolyn M. Shields and Ann B. Vibert).

Education Against Extremism (Paper delivered by Lynn Davies, University of Birmingham, CLD Lecture, 28 September 2006)
This paper examines some of the research surrounding how education promotes or challenges conflict and violence. It looks at education's response to contemporary issues in identity, 'belonging' and religious learning, and at the role of humour or seriousness. It argues for a particular form of critical pedagogy to challenge extremism.

An Inquiry into the Impact of Admissions Policy that Diversifies the Selection of Pre-service Teacher Education Candidates (Paper delivered at AERA Session 71.044 April 11, 2006) Virginia Stead, OISE/UT

Educational Leadership and Policy Approaches to Critical Social Justice (Part of the introduction to Special Issue of the Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations)
James Ryan & Cindy Rottmann OISE/UT

A brief introduction to inclusion, inclusive schools and barriers to inclusion
Sabrina E. Redwing Saunders & Yvette DeBeer (OISE/UT)

Policy: Values, Diversity, and Implementation Katina Pollock & Sue Winton (OISE/UT)

Hiring and Recruitment Herveen Singh & Garrett Whittick (OISE/UT)

Download Integrating Equity and Social Justice into Teacher Preparation Jill Goodreau & Eric Fredua-Kwarteng (OISE/UT)

Diversity Education in Canada: The Ontario Policy Web
AERA, Tuesday, 12:25 Diversity, Eqiuty and Education Policy: An International Perspective (presidential invited session)
R. Joshee (OISE/UT)

Practice to Theory: Cross-Border Dialogues Through Multicultural and Diversity Policy Inquiry
AERA, Thursday, 8:15
Session includes: David Gillborn, Lauri Johnson, Reva Joshee, Carlos Ovando, and Edward Taylor

Social Justice Through Teaching Practices and Activities
AERA, Friday, 8:15, Success of Accountability for Social Justice and Academic Achievement
B. O'Sullivan, R. Joshee, and J. MacDonald (OISE/UT)

The power of privilege: Teachers as a force for equity within multicultural society**
AERA, Sunday, 10 April 2005, 11:00 am -12:30 pm, Invisible College for Research on Teaching
Le Centre Sheraton Montréal, Salon Kafka
Virginia Stead (OISE/UT)
** Abstract & references only

Social Justice and Content Management in Graduate Student Listservs
AERA DIVISION J / CCSE JOINT WORKSHOP, Tuesday, 12 April, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Le Centre Sheraton Montréal, DIV J Vice Presidential Suite*
Virginia Stead (OISE/UT)

The SSHRC Transformation Process: Canadian Investment in Human Science Research and Scholarship AERA Session 75.059, SIG 21 Communication of Research, Friday 15 April 2005, 2:15 pm -3:45 pm Le Centre Sheraton Montréal, Salon A
Virginia Stead (OISE/UT)

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