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Upcoming Events

Upcoming CLD Focus on Research Series featuring Dr. Kaporou from University of Southampton

Cancelled event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Centre for Leadership and Diversity “Focus on Research Series” seeks to highlight the research of faculty from OISE as well as international scholars and graduate students in the areas of educational leadership, policy,  equity, diversity, social justice and issues critical to education. 


CLD Presents International Symposium on Transformative Leadership and Decolonial Praxis

Postponed to October 15-16 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The International Symposium on Transformative Leadership and Decolonial Praxis (ISTLDP) is an inaugural event for the Centre for Leadership and Diversity. Decolonial praxis seeks to uncover Other knowledges and ways of doing that have been pushed to the margins. The symposium is aimed at presenting current research being conducted in the area of educational leadership in Canada and internationally, as well as highlight the practices of leaders in K-1 2 and higher education.

Check back for updates on this event.

CLD Speaker Series: Panel Presentations featuring practitioners in local contexts

The purpose of these sessions is to examine leadership from the perspective of school leaders. Panelists are encouraged to draw on their own contexts and experiences and share with participants their leadership journey, how they lead with diversity and equity in mind, successes and challenges.It is the hope that this panel discussion will add to leadership discourse and practice and be of benefit to graduate students, practitioners, faculty and community.