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Welcome To The Centre For Leadership And Diversity

The Centre for Leadership and Diversity (CLD) was established in 2004 and is housed in the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education at OISE. The Center is focused on Advancing the Cause of Equity, Social Justice and Democracy in Education

The Centre for Leadership and Diversity hosted its first Speaker Series on November 5th, 5:00- 7:00 pm, in the Nexus Lounge. The seminar brought together school leaders from across the GTA who explored what it means to lead for social justice and equity in Ontario. Our first series was an inspiring session. 

Faculty and students associated with the centre work collaboratively in the area of leadership focussed on creating greater equity, social justice and democracy in education. We continue to recruit affiliated members from school systems, other universities, and other education stakeholders and internationally. 

The Centre for Leadership and Diversity (CLD)

Virtual International Symposium 

 Transformative Leadership and Decolonial Praxis (ISTLDP)

October 16-17, 2020 


                        The International Symposium on Transformative Leadership and Decolonial Praxis (ISTLDP) is an inaugural event for the Centre for Leadership and Diversity. Decolonial praxis seeks to uncover Other knowledges and ways of doing that have been pushed to the margins. The symposium is aimed at presenting current research being conducted in the area of educational leadership in Canada and internationally, as well as highlight the practices of leaders in K-1 2 and higher education. These                                      transformations require us to revisit our understandings of leadership in education, including educational frameworks, teaching methods, the voices in educational research, and the development of pedagogies through Othered lenses. The symposium aims to provide researchers and others interested in exploring new and alternative leadership frameworks with the opportunity to engage in dialogue and build bridges for collaboration. 

                        WHO SHOULD ATTEND THE ISTLDP?

  • Researchers and policy makers from across Canada and globally
  • Administrators and teachers in K-12
  • Graduate sudents
  • Community members

                        WHEN:          October 16-17, 2020

                        WHERE:       Virtual via Zoom

CALL DETAILS:                  

Researchers, policymakers, graduate students, school administrators, teachers, community members and activists across Canada and globally are invited to submit an abstract to the ISTLDP. The Symposium provides presenters with an excellent opportunity to share research, practice, new ideas and frameworks on educational leadership. Presenters are invited to submit a maximum of 350 word abstract on issues related to:

  • Educational leadership theorizing and practice
  • Alternative leadership frameworks
  • Social issues and Education in and Canada and globally
  • Education and the environment
  • Critical discourses in schooling and education, locally and globally 


Proposals should connect to the conference theme and contribute to the re-imagining of educational leadership that embraces new ways of knowing, practice, methodologies and theories that center voices, experiences and research that have been on the margins of educational leadership practice and theorizing.

 Abstracts can address the following items:   

a)     Purpose of study/project objectives

b)    Methods, techniques or modes of inquiry

c)     Data sources

d)    Results and/or substantiated conclusions

e)     Significance of the research or project 

            SUBMISSION DEADLINE: September 03, 2020

Submit proposals at


If you have any questions about the conference and/or proposal submission process, please email CLD at   oise.cld@utoronto.ca.





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Faculty and Research

Research by associated faculty includes work on social justice leadership, inclusive leadership, anti oppressive leadership, teacher leadership,decolonizing educational leadership, and leadership across contexts including the global south. Faculty work closely with school and community leaders to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments for students. Core faculty interests also include research on access to higher education, the legal system and the impact on marginalized communities, issues impacting education locally and globally, teacher unions and the experiences of racialized and Indigenous communities. 


Faculty, graduate student, school leaders and members of the community participating in AERA  2019 Session

Faculty, graduate student, school leaders and members of the community participating in AERA 2019 session entitled Anti-oppressive Leadership in a Time of Rising Nationalism: Implications for Research and Preparation.