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Kunle Akingbola


Kunle Akingbola is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business
Administration, Lakehead University, Orillia.  His research interests include:

  • Nonprofit HRM and strategy;
  • Social enterprises and innovation;
  • Work relationships; and
  • Healthcare HRM



Caroline Arcand

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Caroline Arcand is the Executive Director of Groupe Convex (a non-profit group of social purpose enterprises employing people with various abilities).  Her research interests include:

  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Social businesses;
  • Employment of marginalized groups;
  • Community development; and
  • Responsible Economic Development

William Benet

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Dr. Bill Benet is a doctoral research supervisor at Walden University’s School of Public Policy. He developed the Polarities of Democracy theory (www.polaritiesofdemocracy.org) at the University of Toronto in 2006. His research and social change interests include:

  • Workplace and societal democracy
  • Racial, gender, and class oppression
  • Environmental and economic sustainability
  • Healthy, sustainable, and just communities. 

George Cheney

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

George Cheney is an educator, writer, speaker, facilitator, and consultant.  Currently, he is a professor at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His research interests include:

  • Cooperatives;
  • Business ethics;
  • Multi-disciplinary curricular development;
  • Environmental sustainability; and
  • Solidarity economy


Michael Classens

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Michael Classens is a post-doctoral fellow with the Department of Geography at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario.  His research interests include:

  • Food and the social economy;
  • Community development;
  • Urban food access; and
  • Community-based research 

Keita Demming

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Keita Demming (Ph.D.) can be described as an innovation researcher, learning strategist, process designer, evaluator, and consultant. He also hosts a podcast called "Disruptive Conversations." He has developed many reports, programs, frameworks or strategic documents for and with his collaborators. His interests include:

  • Strategic Social Innovation
  • Organizational Change and Design
  • Design Strategy and Integrative Thinking
  • Complexity Theory
  • Practice Theory
  • Evaluation 

Grieg de Peuter

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Greig de Peuter is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. His research interests include:

  • Cultural work;
  • Precarious employment; and
  • Unions, alternative labour organizations, and co-operatives in the cultural and creative industries


Femida Handy

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Femida Handy is a Professor at the School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Her research interests include:

  • Nonprofit and voluntary sector economics;
  • Volunteering;
  • Philanthropy;
  • Comparative and international aspects of philanthropy;
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India;
  • Women leaders of NGOs;  and
  • Economic valuation of volunteering

Trish Hennessy

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Trish Hennessy is the founding director of the new Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' (CCPA) Ontario office. She was the founding director of the CCPA's national project examining income inequality in Canada.  Her research interests include:

  • Income inequality;
  • Jobs;
  • Living wage;
  • Minimum wage;
  • Unions; and
  • Taxation 


Robyn Hoogendam

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Robyn Hoogendam joined the Learning Enrichment Foundation (Toronto, Ontario) in 2008 and is currently the Steward of Research.  Her research interests include:

  • Program evaluation;
  • Community development;
  • Anti-poverty; and
  • Gender


D.W. Livingstone

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

D.W. Livingstone is a Professor Emeritus with the Social Justice Education department at OISE/UT in Toronto, Ontario.  His research interests include:

  • Class analysis;
  • Changing working conditions in advanced capitalism;
  • Relations between formal/informal learning and paid/unpaid work; and
  • Alternative futures


J.J. McMurtry

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

J.J. McMurtry is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Liberal Arts & Professional Studies at York University in Toronto, Ontario.  His research interests include:

  • Social economy;
  • Social enterprise;
  • Co-operatives;
  • Heterodox economics; and
  • Economic democracy


Laurie Mook

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Laurie Mook is an Associate Professor in the Nonprofit Leadership and Management program in the School of Community Resources and Development, and research associate at the Lodestar Center for Nonprofit Innovation and Philanthropy, at Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her research interests include:

  • Social economy (non-profits, cooperatives, and social enterprise);
  • Volunteerism; and  
  • Social accounting 


Linda Muzzin

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Linda Muzzin is an Associate Professor with the Leadership, Higher and Adult Education department at OISE/UT in Toronto, Ontario.  Her research interests include:

  • Professionalism;
  • Higher education;
  • Professorial identity;
  • University and college faculty; and
  • Equity


Frances Owen

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Frances Owen is a Professor at the Child and Youth Studies program at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario.  Her research interests include:

  • Employment of persons with developmental disabilities;
  • Human rights; and
  • Non-profit management 


Wally Seccombe

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Dr. Wally Seccombe graduated from and taught in OISE's Sociology in Education department. He works to support efforts to relocalize food systems. His research interests include: 

  • Evolving family forms; and 
  • Changes in socioeconomic structures over time


George Chiran

Dr. George Chiran

Dr. George Chiran is an educator, researcher and advisor. His research interests include:

  • Expansive learning
  • Community development
  • Continuing and professional learning
  • Experiential and work-integrated learning


Daniel Schugurensky

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Daniel Schugurensky is a Professor at Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona, where he holds a joint appointment in the School of Public Affairs and the School of Social Transformation. His research interests include:

  • Community development;
  • Participatory governance;
  • Participatory democracy; and
  • Informal learning and community engagement


Micheal Shier

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Micheal Shier is an Assistant Professor with the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario. His research interests include:

  • Non-profits;
  • Social innovation;
  • Civic engagement;
  • Leadership; and
  • Social policy


Busha Taa

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Busha Taa is a Lecturer and Researcher at OISE/UT in Toronto, Ontario.  His research interests include:

  • Community development;
  • Migration and labour;
  • Adult education;
  • Globalization; and
  • The African-Canadian society


Agnes Thomas

Dr. Sherida Ryan image

Agnes Thomas is a Community Development and Change Consultant who also works as a trainer and researcher. Her research interests include:

  • Informal work & social economy;
  • Immigration & labor market;
  • Transformative learning frameworks;
  • Intersectionalities of gender, race, class and disabilities;
  • Public policy; and
  • Community development


Kazi Abdur Rouf

Kazi Abdur Rouf picture


Dr. Kazi Abdur Rouf is a faculty of the Noble International University. He taught in the Department of Sociology, Chittagong University, Bangladesh. Currently he is research interests include:

  • Poverty Reducation Strategies
  • Social business and women development in Canada and in Bangladesh
  • Community Organizing
  • Micro-financing and community development
  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development


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