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Southern Ontario Social Economy Node

Project 3 - Mapping of Social Purpose Businesses

Academic Partners

Ann Armstrong, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto (Project Co-Lead)

Ray Dart, Business Administration, Trent University (Project Co-Lead)

Community Partners

William Young, Social Capital Partners

For further information about this project, contact Ann Armstrong:ann.armstrong@rotman.utoronto.ca


The purpose of the study is to map the range of social purpose businesses, both conceptually and empirically. Social purpose businesses can be non-profit, for-profit or some hybrid form. They will be categorized and documented in this study.

Plans for communicating research results within the academic community

  • ARNOVA 2007 Conference — Population characteristics and patterns of social purpose businesses in Ontario, Canada
  • Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly Journal — follow-up paper from Arnova 2007
  • ARNOVA 2008 Conference — Grounded qualitative case studies of social purpose businesses (based on emergent themes, evolving from research)
  • Nonprofit Management and Leadership Journal — follow-up paper from ARNOVA 2008
  • Other possible conference and publication opportunities will be explored

Plans for communicating research results outside the academic community

The results of the research will be posted on various websites, including the Rotman School’s Social Enterprise Initiative site and community websites such as those of the Canadian Social Entrepreneurs Network, Canadian Social Entrepreneurs Network, and Canadian Community Economic Development Network. Short reports will go back to all of the participating organizations.

Project outputs

Interview with Ray Dart by Annie McKitrick, May 2008 (MP3 file, 10:41 mins, 4.9 MB)

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