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the Centre for Learning, Social Economy and Work at OISE, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

Work and Lifelong Learning Research

Research initiatives undertaken by the Centre for the Study of Education focussed on lifelong learning, and public reaction to educational policy. These projects were founded by Dr. D.W. Livingstone, former researcher and professor at OISE/UT. 

New Approaches to Lifelong Learning Project (NALL)

Funded by the SSHRC from 1998-2003, NALL included more than 50 researchers and collaborators. NALL was a project of the former Centre for the Study of Education and Work led by Dr. D.W. Livingstone.

NALL's main objectives were to document current relations between:

  • Informal learning and formal/nonformal education
  • Identify major social barriers to integrating informal learning with formal/nonformal programs and certification,
  • and, Support new program initiatives that promise to overcome such barriers.

NALL produced a wealth of empirical data, both qualitative and quantitative, on the subject of lifelong learning.

For access to the many publications of the NALL research network, please click here. 

Work and Lifelong Learning Project (WALL)

Overview of WALL

From 2003-2010, WALL aimed to help Canadians understand and benefit from the ways in which the global economy is being transformed. WALL was a part of the Initiative for the New Economy (INE) and a project of the former Centre for the Study of Education.

Funded through a grant awarded by the government of Canada’s SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council), WALL complemented the work begun by the NALL (New Approaches to Lifelong Learning) research network.

For access to the many publications of the WALL research network, please click here.

WALL’S Research

WALL’s network of investigators included researchers from seven universities and more than 10 co-investigators from community groups and professional institutions across Canada. WALL also benefitted from the contributions of international advisors.

WALL endeavoured to:

  • Identify gaps in workplace training and education in Canada
  • and, Bring visibility to learning and work issues and trends.

The cumulative research generated by WALL:

  • Provides a better understanding of learning practices, processes and environments,
  • and, Contributed to the production of valuable resources for instructor training, workplace innovation and government initiatives.

OISE/UT Survey Series

Unique in Canada, the OISE/UT Survey Series has been designed to track public views over time on key issues, and to capture public reaction to emerging policy issues. The Survey Series enables policy makers and other stakeholders to distinguish areas where public opinion shows long term stability, or has moved in response to events and/or changes in educational policy.

The only continuing survey of public attitudes toward education in Canada, the Survey Series, begun in 1978, has been administered every two years since 1980. Established by Dr. D.W. Livingstone and co-led by Dr. Livingstone and Dr. Doug Hart for most of its existence, the series is currently led by Dr. Arlo Kempf and Dr. Peter Sawchuk with the advisory support of the founders. Only the U.S. Phi Delta Kappa Gallup Poll on school issues has a longer history.

Now affiliated with CLSEW – throughout its ongoing history, the Survey Series has been affiliated and supported by researchers of the former Centre for the Study of Education, as well as the Office of the Dean of OISE/UT and the Ministry of Education of Ontario.

For more information on the OISE/UT Survey Series, click here.

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