Special Projects: Borderless Radio

Borderless Radio: The Politics of Canadian Cultures

Borderless Radio: The Politics of Canadian Cultures is a radio-based project created by Prof. Miglena Todorova in the Department of Social Justice Education at OISE in 2011. In the project,  OISE graduate students in the courses “Education and Popular Culture” and “Social Relations in Cultural Production” study the principles, theoretical foundations and pedagogical and social objectives of critical media literacy education by producing media/cultural content that challenges, subverts or undermines dominant media messages and popular culture.

More specifically, students learn radio production using digital audio technologies and utilizing a constellation of social and cultural theories pertaining to power, difference, knowledge production, ideology, and education for social justice. The major challenge faced by students in the project is to construct and produce 6-10 minute radio programs that are mindful of stereotypes, power relations between participants, the politics of representation (i.e. who speaks for whom) and how the medium and genre shape the possibilities of new and alternative ‘messages’ and stories conducive to non-oppressive identifications and relations. Thus, at the heart of the project is the idea that the point of critical media literacy education in teachers’ education and beyond is not to only to gain skills in critiquing and identifying what has been wrong with mass media and popular culture but to create, i.e. to attempt and produce something that is different.

More than 120 OISE graduate students have participated in the project since 2011 and their radio programs illuminate the joys yet tremendous challenges in rupturing existing media and cultural practices, not mimicking genres we have internalized and creating new media and social forms. Selected radio programs produced in the project were broadcast on the Bulgarian National Radio. Group radio productions of panels addressing topics selected by students were produced in collaboration with CIUT 89.5 Toronto. 

The following journal article features the project: 

Todorova, Miglena. 2015. “Dusty but Mighty: Using Radio in the Critical Media Literacy Classroom.” Journal of Media Literacy Education, Volume 6, Issue 3. 

Available at http://digitalcommons.uri.edu/jmle/vol6/iss3/4

See a video presentation of the project: Miglena Todorova – ‘Dusty but Mighty: Using Radio in the Critical Media Literacy Classroom’   ► PLAY

Long Live Radio!

Individual Work

Individuals are listed in alphabetical order. 

Last NameFirst NameTitle:Link to recording:
AgbifohPatricia‘My Voice, My Story, My Canada’► PLAY RECORDING
AhmedSumaya‘Colours, Frowns and Faces’► PLAY RECORDING
AntenenkoMax‘Who Are the Canadians?’► PLAY RECORDING
AwanNafeesa‘Teaching 101’► PLAY RECORDING
AzisAdrian‘Deskilling’► PLAY RECORDING
BakhtovarshoevaMadina‘Identities’► PLAY RECORDING
BisharaAshley‘In the Eyes of Youth’► PLAY RECORDING
BouchardFrancine‘Bilingualism in the City’► PLAY RECORDING
ChingJeanine‘Oh Canada!’► PLAY RECORDING
ChowdhuryFariah‘Protest Against Jason Kennedy’► PLAY RECORDING
ChuongVanice‘Childhood’► PLAY RECORDING
CorradinoAnna-Maria‘Fragmented Conversations’► PLAY RECORDING
CroceAnne-Marie‘Hyphenated Canadians’► PLAY RECORDING
CurrieJohn‘Elementary School Students’► PLAY RECORDING
DawsonAshley‘Richard Meets Thuan’► PLAY RECORDING
DempseyStephen‘Daughters’► PLAY RECORDING
EldemireOscar Theo‘Title?’► PLAY RECORDING
FraserLaura‘An Immigrant Journey: From Kenya to Canada’► PLAY RECORDING
GrahamDouglasAcademics vs. Athletics’► PLAY RECORDING
GrinbergTania‘Duppy Ridim’► PLAY RECORDING
GutauskasOna‘Being the Song’► PLAY RECORDING
HarnishKaren‘Reece of Limbrick’► PLAY RECORDING
HarrisLuanna‘Personal Multiculturalism’► PLAY RECORDING
HeymanAshley‘Roma: Bogus Refugees?’► PLAY RECORDING
HumphreyJack‘Tim Horton’s Nation’► PLAY RECORDING
HunterSarah‘North of the Border’► PLAY RECORDING
HuynhRichard‘Why He Hates Canada’► PLAY RECORDING
IbrahimSameehah‘Breaking the Silence’► PLAY RECORDING
IonnoMarie‘Roma Students’► PLAY RECORDING
JacobsonGreg‘United Through Sportt’► PLAY RECORDING
JudhanNatasha‘My Journey’► PLAY RECORDING
JudhanNatasha‘Move to Canada’► PLAY RECORDING
KaganDalia‘Untitled’► PLAY RECORDING
KapaladLily‘Youth in Starbucks’► PLAY RECORDING
KaufmannNatalie‘The Multiculturalism of Food’► PLAY RECORDING
KetchellTakara‘A Journey Through the Closet’► PLAY RECORDING
KhullarRima‘Accents’► PLAY RECORDING
KipsuiSein‘Entrepreneurship and Race’► PLAY RECORDING
KolodijOlena‘A Canadian Story’► PLAY RECORDING
LamaisonCatherine‘Second Chances?’► PLAY RECORDING
LowesSarah‘‘Connecting the (Environmental) Dots’► PLAY RECORDING
LuiElizabeth‘My Diversity and the City’► PLAY RECORDING
MacDonaldAverie‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’► PLAY RECORDING
MarmolEmil‘The Corporate University’► PLAY RECORDING
McCourtVanessa‘Indigenous Women in Prison’► PLAY RECORDING
McIntyreLaura‘Media Bodies’► PLAY RECORDING
MetzVictoria‘‘Sex at Any Age’► PLAY RECORDING
MinkhorsGrant‘Big India, Little India’► PLAY RECORDING
MuranoMariangela‘My Song’► PLAY RECORDING
NazariFulia‘It’s Still There’► PLAY RECORDING
NitsouChristina‘Where Are You From?’► PLAY RECORDING
PapadopoulosNikoletta‘GreekCanadian’► PLAY RECORDING
PoloczekChristine‘Multiculturalism in the Arts’► PLAY RECORDING
PrellSabrina‘Bullying in a Technological Era’► PLAY RECORDING
RakucKrzystof‘Static’► PLAY RECORDING
SaiferAdam‘Vancouver 2010: A Story of Canadian Multiculturalism’► PLAY RECORDING
SantosJocelyn‘Untitled’► PLAY RECORDING
ScramstadJulianna‘Revolution’► PLAY RECORDING
SeltzerTonya‘The Dark Side of Multiculturalism’► PLAY RECORDING
ShalabyAdam‘Belonging’► PLAY RECORDING
SukhramAmbeika‘Caribana’► PLAY RECORDING
TianTian‘Canadian’► PLAY RECORDING
TodorovaMiglena‘Racism in Multiculturalism’► PLAY RECORDING
TruongSina‘A Canadian Story’► PLAY RECORDING
TullKimberly‘Black Girls Are’► PLAY RECORDING
WilsonMelanie‘Signs of the Encoder’► PLAY RECORDING
WrighteShannon‘What a Feminist Sounds Like’► PLAY RECORDING
ZiaGolnar‘Alternative Schools’► PLAY RECORDING
ZiaGolnar‘Alternative Schools’► PLAY RECORDING

Group Work

Last NameFirst NameTitle:Link to recording:
‘A Canadian Story Worth Telling’
‘Speaking of Weight’
‘Canadian Community’
‘Weighted Reflections’
‘Beyond Sticks and Stones’
‘Safe Spaces in Catholic Schools: Are They Really Safe?’
‘The Crisis Of Youth Unemployment’