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Master of Arts: Curriculum & Pedagogy​

Explore and enhance your passion for teaching and learning.
Apply for a Master of Arts (MA) in the Curriculum & Pedagogy program.




Critically examine issues that matter in education


Click here to view our MEd/ MA Program 2019 Open House session!  #MakeOISEYourChoice

The C&P Master of Arts degree was designed to provide rich opportunities for research in fields related to curriculum studies.

Choose from among a wide variety of research areas, including literacy, urban schools, educational technology, equity, mathematics, science, the arts, online learning, citizenship, comparative education, holistic education, instructional design and teacher development. 

We are accepting applications for the C&P full-time* and part-time MA degree for the 2020-21 academic year. 

Please be advised that the application deadline for the C&P full-time MA is Wednesday, December 11, 2019. Please be advised that the application deadline for the C&P part-time MA is Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

* International applicants: Please visit the “International Students” section on this page for important information.

Please visit https://twitter.com/CtlOise to view our C&P Open House sessions!



Intellectual Growth

Learn more about the field of curriculum studies and teacher development. Extend your expertise in your chosen research area.



Pursue your MA degree part-time or full-time, to fit your schedule. Courses are offered year-round, day and evenings, with many courses online.


World Renowned Faculty

Conduct research alongside leading scholars and researchers. Think ​about issues that matter in education.