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Special Emphasis: Arts in Education


Welcome to the Arts in Education Emphasis:

The Arts in Education Emphasis offers students specialized courses in the areas of music and sound, drama and theatre, visual art, and performance, and in particular courses that reflect social justice concerns reflected through the arts and cultural production. This emphasis will attract students interested in the arts, elementary and secondary arts specialist teachers, and community, gallery and museum educators interested in examining arts education beyond schooling. We are a vibrant community of scholars and graduate students that thrive on collegiality, intellectual debate, critical analyses and inquiry. 

Arts in Education Faculty

  • Dr. Kathleen Gallagher
  • Dr. Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández
  • Dr. Tara Goldstein
  • Dr. Stephanie Springgay
  • Dr. Leslie Stewart Rose

Affiliated Faculty

  • Dr. Rob Simon
  • Dr. Sandra Styres

Applications for 2019-20 are now open!  Apply to the CSTD Master of Education program and indicate your interest in the Arts in Education Emphasis in your Statement of Intent. 

Arts in Education Courses:

Students in the Arts in Education Emphasis are expected to take three or more of the following courses:

  • CTL1026H: Performed Ethnography (Goldstein)
  • CTL1099H: Critical Approaches to Arts Based Research (Springgay)
  • CTL1104H: Play, Drama, and Arts Education (Stewart Rose)
  • CTL1818H: Arts in Education: Concepts, Contexts, and Frameworks (Gaztambide-Fernández)
  • CTL1064H: Applied Theatre and Performance in Sites of Learning (Gallagher)
  • CTL1822H: Urban School Research: Youth, Pedagogy, and the Arts (Gallagher)
  • CTL1799H: Walking and Sensory Methodologies (Springgay)
  • CTL1799H: Desire and Change: Difficult Dialogues in Contemporary Art and Art Education (Springgay)
  • CTL5018H: Sounds of Change: Issues in Music Education (Stewart Rose)
  • CTL1322H: Literacies of Land: Narrative, Storying and Literature (Styres)
  • CTL1811H: Writing Research - Research Writing: Moving from Idea to Reality (Esmonde)
  • CTL5013H: Creativity in the Classroom (Stewart Rose)

Other Courses Across OISE Departments:

  • SJE3417H: Research Seminar in Feminist Criticism, Aesthetics, and Pedagogy (Boler)
  • SJE1976H: Critical Media Literacy (Todorova)
  • CTL1104H: Play, Drama, and Arts Education (Stewart Rose)

Forthcoming Courses:

  • Arts in Urban Schools (Gaztambide-Fernández)