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Online Courses in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development

The Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development program offers a range of online courses that students can take as part of their M.Ed., MA, or Ph.D degree. The selection of courses changes from year, but here is the list of courses offered in fall 2018 and winter 2019.   CSTD students are also eligible to take online courses offered in SJE (Social Justice Education), LHAE (Leadership, Higher and Adult Education), and APHD (Applied Psychology and Human Development).


CSTD Online Course Offerings 2018-2019:

  • CTL1047H: Self-Assessment
  • CTL1206H: Teaching and Learning Science
  • CTL1207H: Teaching and Learning about Science: Issues and Strategies in Science, Technology, Society and Environment (STSE) Education.
  • CTL1209H: Current Issues in Science and Technology Education
  • CTL1217H: Integrating Science, Mathematics and Technology Curricula
  • CTL1222H: Environmental Studies in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
  • CTL1313H: Gender Equity in the Classroom
  • CTL1426H: The History of Gender and Education  in Canada
  • CTL1427H: History and Commemoration: Canada and Beyond, 1800's - 1900's.
  • CTL1606H: Computers in the Curriculum
  • CTL1000H: Foundations of Curriculum Studies (core course, 2 online sections)
  • CTL1011H: Anti-Oppression Education in School Settings
  • CTL1018H: Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
  • CTL1041H: Research Methods in Education
  • CTL1046H: Training Evaluation
  • CTL1608H: Constructive Learning and Design of Online Environments
  • CTL1609H: Educational Applications of Computer-Mediated Communication
  • CTL5013H: Creativity in the Classroom
  • CTL5015H: Social Media and Education (2 sections)
  • CTL5016H: Instructional Design: Beyond the Lecture
  • CTL5030H: Poststructural Methodologies in Educational Research
  • CTL5032H: Bringing Together Theory and Practice in the History Curriculum: Teaching History as a Verb