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Special Emphasis: Qualitative Methodologies


Welcome to the Qualitative Methodologies Emphasis:

The Qualitative Methodologies Emphasis will encourage a focused exploration of qualitative paradigms, approaches and methods within, and beyond, the scope of schools and education. This emphasis will allow students to take introductory and specialized courses in a range of contemporary qualitative methodologies in areas such as research and participatory inquiry; arts-based research and performed ethnography; feminist and queer approaches; indigenous methodologies, anti-colonial, decolonial and post-foundational and social justice research. These courses will address the need for students to deepen their understanding, application and specialization in qualitative methodologies in education. Students will also engage in an exploration of how qualitative methodologies are applied in non-formal education context as social justice pedagogies.

Core Faculty

  • Dr. Karyn Cooper
  • Dr. Kathleen Gallagher
  • Dr. Diane Gerin-Lajoie
  • Dr. Tara Goldstein
  • Dr. Stephanie Springgay
  • Dr. Rob Simon
  • Dr. Heather Sykes

Affiliated Faculty

  • Dr. Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández
  • Dr. Erminia Pedretti
  • Dr. Sandra Styres


Applications for 2019-20 are now open!  Apply to the CSTD Master of Education program and indicate your interest in the Qualitative Methodologies Emphasis in your Statement of Intent. 


Qualitative Methodologies Courses:

Students in the Qualitative Methodologies Emphasis are expected to take three or more of the following courses:

  • CTL1018H: Intro to Qualitative Inquiry (Cooper; Sykes)
  • CTL1041H: Research Methods in Education (Staff)
  • CTL1048H: Qualitative Methodology: Challenges and Innovations (Gallagher)
  • CTL1049H: Critical Practitioner Inquiry in Education (Simon)
  • CTL1062H: Performed Ethnography and Research Informed Theatre (Goldstein)
  • CTL1063H: Pedagogies of Solidarity (Gaztambide-Fernández)
  • CTL1099H: Critical Approaches to Art-Based Research (Springgay)
  • CTL1105H: Research and Inquiry in Arts Education (Gaztambide-Fernández; Springgay)
  • CTL1211H: Action Research in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (Pedretti)
  • CTL1306H: La recherche qualitative en éducation: bases théoriques et pratiques (Gerin-Lajoie)
  • CTL1306H: Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Concepts and Methods (Gerin-Lajoie)
  • CTL1322H: Literacies of Land: Narrative, Storying and Literature (Styres)
  • CTL1331H: Land‐centred Approaches to Research and Community Engagement: Bringing a ‘Good’ Mind to Indigenous Education Research (Styres)
  • CTL1801H: Action Research and Professional Practice (Simon)
  • CTL1809H: Narrative and Story in Research and Professional Practice (Staff)
  • CTL1810H: Qualitative Research in Teaching (Staff)
  • CTL1822H: Approaches to Anti-Homophobia and Anti-Transphobia Education (Goldstein)
  • CTL1861H: Critical Ethnography (Gaztambide-Fernández; Goldstein, Sykes)
  • CTL5019H: Walking and Sensory Methodologies (Springgay)
  • CTL5030H: Poststructural Methodologies (Sykes)

Courses in Other Departments:

  • LHA1105H: Introduction to Qualitative Research (Burstow)
  • SJE1905H: Qualitative Approaches to Sociological Research in Education (Todorova)
  • APD3228H: Mixed Methods Research in Education: Combining Qualitative & Quantitative Inquiry (Jang)