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Testimonials from our Graduates

Themis Testimonial-Through OISE and particularly CTL, I built a professional network and became more confident about my studies and my potential career.Themistoklis Aravossitas, MEd and PhD

I was admitted into the CSTD [now C&P] Master of Education program in CTL an internationally educated teacher who needed to gain experience on education in the Canadian context.  CTL' s faculty, staff and fellow students welcomed me from day one and gave me a sense of belonging within a very inclusive and supportive academic community. At OISE, I received guidance and empowerment which allowed me to overcome all my initial fears and challenges. Before I knew it, I managed to successfully complete a Master's Program in CSTD and while I achieved the goal of adjusting to my new professional and social reality, I had developed a passion for educational research. As part of OISE 's community, I felt comfortable to pursue an academic career through PhD studies. I worked hard and received again all the support needed to complete a doctoral program (Collaborative Degree in CSTD and KMDI) which allowed me to combine my interest in teaching culturally and linguistically diverse students with designing knowledge media and educational technology. During my graduate studies at OISE, I worked with and got inspired by world class scholars. I gained valuable international experience and enhanced my intercultural awareness. I participated in several projects such as the organization of conferences and symposia, book publications, grant submissions and educational collaboration involving new technologies. Moreover, through OISE and particularly CTL, I built a professional network and became more confident about my studies and my potential career. Upon completion of my PhD degree, I received a SSHRC post-doctoral fellowship and started working in the academia teaching Modern Greek language and culture and getting more involved in the professional development of international language educators. My decision to join CTL and OISE has proved to be a life changing experience. No matter what the future brings, I know that I will always feel proud of my studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education where I found Ongoing Inspiration, Support and Empowerment.