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Special Emphasis: Wellbeing


Welcome to the Wellbeing Emphasis:

This emphasis enquires into the nature of wellbeing as well as providing learning environments that support student wholeness-mental, physical and spiritual. There is research which suggests that people who exhibit characteristics of wellbeing live longer and contribute more to society. In July of 2011, the United Nations passed a resolution recommending that member states give greater attention to happiness and well-being in their economic and social development policies. Wellbeing is a priority for the Ontario Ministry of Education and at OISE.

Faculty in this emphasis offer courses that explore and support student wellbeing in a variety of ways. Holistic and embodied approaches to learning are employed to engage the whole person. More specifically these approaches involve various forms of meditation, mindfulness practice, narrative/biography, working in a collaborative and supportive environment, body work, and conscious use of technology.  Mental health is increasingly identified as an important issue today and approaches to address this concern are also part of the emphasis. These approaches are offered within the context of sustainability and ethical issues that can arise in the pursuit of wellbeing. 

Core Faculty

  • Professor Clive Beck
  • Assistant Professor Jennifer Brant
  • Associate Professor Karyn Cooper
  • Associate Professor Wanja Gitari
  • Professor Clare Kosnik
  • Professor Jack Miller
  • Dr. Shelley Murphy
  • Professor Sarfaroz Niyozov
  • Professor Harold Troper


Wellbeing Courses:

Students in the Wellbeing Emphasis are expected to take three or more of the following courses:

  • CTL1016H: Cooperative Learning; Research and Practice
  • CTL1027H: Facilitating Reflective Professional Development
  • CTL1106H: Spirituality in Education
  • CTL1110H: The Holistic Curriculum
  • CTL1221H: Education for Human Goals Local and Global: How’s Science Education Helping?
  • CTL1319H: Religious Education: Comparative and International Perspectives
  • CTL1331H: Educational Research and Knowledge Production in Comparative, International, and Developmental Contexts
  • CTL1424H: Religion, Ideology and Social Movement in the History of North American Education
  • CTL1817H: Current Issues in Teacher Education
  • CTL1825H: The Teacher as Contemplative Practitioner
  • CTL3037H: Biography in Educational Contexts
  • CTL5011H: Holistic Approaches to Information Technology
  • CTL5039H: Indigenous Maternal Pedagogies: Teaching for Reconciliation 
  • CTL5042H: Mindfulness in Education: Theory and Practice
  • CTL5045H: The Foundations of Wellness Through the Phenomenology of Practice
  • CTL5047H: Special Topics in Curriculum: Masters Level Immersive Technology in Education

Applications for 2019-20 are now open!  Apply to the CSTD Master of Education program and indicate your interest in the Wellbeing Emphasis in your Statement of Intent.