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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning

PhD in Curriculum & Pedagogy

Information and resources for current students

Program overview

Students enrolled in the PhD in Curriculum and Pedagogy program are required to complete:

  • 3.5 full-course equivalents (FCEs, or 7 half-courses)
  • A comprehensive examination [download the comprehensive exam guidelines]
  • A thesis embodying the results of an original investigation 
  • A final oral examination on the content and implications of the thesis


Required courses

Students must normally complete 3.5 full-course equivalents (FCEs) as follows:

Additional coursework may be required depending on previous experience and academic qualification.


Forms, guidelines and resources

Annual review

Thesis-track students routinely meet with their supervisor and thesis committee to discuss their progress in the program. Once a year, this progress is documented in an annual review meeting. 

At this meeting, students report on their progress, and their committee provides guidance, advice, and recommendations. The committee also determines whether the student's progress is satisfactory or requiring additional support. 

Students are required to bring the annual review form, with pages 1-2 completed, to the annual review meeting. Supervisors will complete relevant sections of the form, documenting what was discussed at the meeting, and evaluating progress.  

Both the student and the thesis supervisor must sign the form. The signed form must be submitted to the graduate studies program administrator, Cheryl Clarke:

Program length and suggested progress timeline

This degree program has been designed so that it can be completed within 4 years for full-time students, and 8 years for flex-time students. 

Full-time students are expected to complete the program within 6 years, and part-time students are expected to complete the program within 8 years. 

For a breakdown of degree time to completion requirements, take a look at our suggested progress to completion timelines for full-time students and part-time students