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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning

Student Groups and Organizations

Get involved, explore your passion, and build your own community with one of the many student clubs, groups and organizations at the University of Toronto. You’ll find a club for almost every pursuit - from beekeeping to breakdancing, magic to mah-jong, Quidditch to space robots. Check out ULife for a listing of all the different types of groups on campus.  

Plus, don't forget to get involved with local groups right here at OISE.

Curriculum Teaching and Learning Student's Association (CTLSA)

The CTLSA represents all graduate students in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning. Join a great community of student leaders. 

Office: Room 10-212, OISE

OISE Graduate Students Association (GSA)

The OISE GSA is the largest autonomous student union of the University of Toronto's Graduate Students Union. It represents all full-time and part-time graduate students at OISE and is responsible for sharing information about OISE with the student associations, making student concerns heard by the administration, and initiating action on behalf of the students. GSA newsletters are posted on newsboards on every floor of 252 Bloor. 

Office and Lounge: Room 8-105, OISE

Canadian Union Of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 3907

The Union is important to you if you are a Graduate Assistant (GA). It represents all the GAs at OISE and provides services to its members, including bargaining with the administration for salary and benefits. Current benefits available for CUPE members include: dental and vision care plan, maternity and parental leave, sick leave, reimbursement of the cost of visa student employment authorization, work-related conference expenses, and thesis/research paper production costs.

In each department, a steward is elected or appointed yearly in September. The steward acts as a link between the Union and the GAs in the department. Any problems you might encounter in your work throughout the year are the concern of the departmental steward. For  information about the local, your rights and benefits, drop by the office. 

Office: Room 8-104, OISE
Telphone: 416-926-4728

OISE International Students Association (ISA)

The OISE ISA represents all the international students at OISE. It organizes and sponsors cultural activities, and looks into the specific needs of international students. 

Office: Room 8-107, OISE