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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning
Kathryn Broad

Kathryn Broad
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

phone: (416) 978-0319

Department: Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Research Overview

Kathryn recently completed a multi-year secondment to the Ontario Ministry of Education with lead responsibilities for Initial Teacher Education. From 2008 - 2013, she served as Academic Director Initial Teacher Education and Executive Director Teacher Education for the two Bachelor of Education programs.

The focus of her work is the continuum of teacher professional learning, which includes initial teacher education, induction, mentorship, and continuing professional learning. She is particularly interested in how the intersection of theory, practice and research can inform pedagogical and professional decision-making as well as broader policy and program design.

Currently, she is studying how various international jurisdictions are approaching issues related to teacher education and ongoing professional learning. Other research of teacher development in Ontario has examined collaborative professional learning principles and practices; inclusion of indigenous histories, perspectives and ways of knowing; and support for entry to the profession.

Academic History

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning, OISE, University of Toronto

Master of Education, Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning, OISE, University of Toronto

Bachelor of Education, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto

Bachelor of Arts (High Distinction), Victoria University, University of Toronto

Teaching Overview

Kathryn has taught a variety of courses. These include Curriculum Innovations in Teacher Education, Teacher Education Seminar, Elementary Social Studies, Elementary Language Arts, and Psychological Foundations of Human Development and Learning. She has led program reviews and curriculum development in the Concurrent and Consecutive Initial Teacher Education programs. Additionally, she has facilitated faculty development for university faculty, instructors, field teacher educators and international partners.

Representative Publications

Childs, R. A., Ferguson, A. K., Herbert, M. B., Broad, K., & Zhang, J. (2016). Evaluating 
admission criteria effects for underrepresented groups. Higher Education Research and Development, 35, 658-668.

Montemurro, D., Gambhir, M., Evans, M., & Broad, K. (Eds.).  (2014) Inquiry into practice: Learning  and teaching global matters in local classrooms.
Toronto: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Broad, K., James, U., Baxan, V., Stewart Rose, L. & Wilton, L. Focusing the Magic Eye: Exploring Meaningful Contexts for Teacher Learning (2014). In L. Thomas,
(Ed.), Becoming teacher: Sites for development of Canadian Teacher Education. Canadian Association for Teacher Education.

Broad, K., Stewart Rose, L., Lopez, A. & Baxan, V. (2013). Coherence as a Verb. In L. Thomas (Ed.),
What is Canadian about Teacher Education in Canada? Multiple Perspectives on Canadian Teacher Education in the Twenty-First Century. Canadian Association for Teacher Education.

Rolheiser, C., Evans, M., Gambhir, M. & Broad, K. (2012). Connecting Inquiry and Practice: Lessons Learned From a Multi-Year Professional Learning Partnership Initiative. Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching.  Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Childs, R., Broad, K. Gallagher-Mackay, K., Sher, Y.  Escayg, K. & McGrath, C. (2011)
Pursuing Equity in and through Teacher Education Program Admissions. Education Policy Analysis Archives.  19 (24) 1 - 16

Gambhir, M., Broad, K., Evans, M., & Gaskell, J. (2010). Characterizing Initial Teacher Education in Canada: Themes and issues. In K.G. Karras & C.C. Wolhuter (Eds.), International handbook of teacher education worldwide: Issues and challenges, Volumes 1 & 2, 599-628.

Herbert, M., Broad, K., Gaskell, J., Hart, D., Berrill, D., Demers, S., & Heap, J. (2010) 
Teacher Preparation and Success in Ontario. Prepared for the Ministry of Education of Ontario.

Strachan, B. & Broad, K. (2009)  Authentic Voices From the Field: How Teachers Can Benefit from Use of Effective Feedback Strategies.  Partnerships for Professional Learning: Literacy and Numeracy Initiatives. Ed. C. Rolheiser, OISE: pp. 65- 74


Selected conference/seminar presentations include:

Canadian Society for the Study of Education (2014) St. Catharines, Multi-Paper Session. Navigating the Nexus of Theory-Practice: Exploring Teacher Candidates’ Understandings of Meaningful Contexts for Professional Learning (May 26) Broad, K., James, U. & Baxan, V.

OTF/OADE Conference: Creating Circles of Hope in Teacher Education (2014) Toronto Exploring Teacher Learning through Intentionally-Designed Approaches. (February 22) Baxan,V.,  Broad,K.,  & Wilton, L.

Canadian Society for the Study of Education (2013) Victoria, Multi-Paper Session “But do I have the right to teach Aboriginal issues?” Examining common(stated) resistances to including aboriginal histories, pedagogies and understandings in teaching practice. (June 2) Restoule, J.P., Nardozi, A., James, U. & Broad, K.

Canadian Society for the Study of Education (2012) Waterloo, Multi-Paper Session Deepening Knowledge, Enhancing Understanding and Building Relationships: Infusing Aboriginal Worldviews, Histories and Pedagogies in Initial Teacher Education. (May 29) Broad, K., Restoule, J.P. & Nardozi, A. 

American Educational Research Association (2011) New Orleans, Symposium Presentation Teacher Education in the Research University: International Contexts (April 11) Gambhir, M. & Broad, K.

International Alliance of Leading Educational Institutions Conference (2009) Seoul, Climate Change and Sustainable Development: The Canadian Perspective for Erminia Pedretti, John Wallace, Joanne Nazir, Hilary Inwood and David Montemurro 

University of Toronto (2011) The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (March 22) 

Canadian Society for the Study of Education (2010) Montreal, Symposium Presentation What Teachers does Ontario Really Need? Using Research to Pursue Equity In and Through Admissions (May 29)  Broad, K., Childs, R. 

Canadian Society for the Study of Education (2010) Montreal, Authentic Voices from the Field: Associate Teachers Engage in Mentoring Conversations with Their Teacher Candidates (May 30) Tessaro, M.L., Broad, K.

International Alliance of Leading Educational Institutions Conference (2009) Seoul, Climate Change and Sustainable Development: The Canadian Perspective for Erminia Pedretti, John Wallace, Joanne Nazir, Hilary Inwood and David Montemurro

Conference of Independent Schools (2009- 10) Rethinking Assessment with Purpose in Mind professional learning series with Lorna Earl and Barbara Bodkin.


Ministry of Education Funding

2006 – 11 Beginning Teacher Coaches- Another Layer of Support. Joint Research with Toronto District School Board.

2006 – 2010 Authentic Voices From the Field.

School University Partnership Grant

Literacy Numeracy Research into Practice Grant

Research Grants and Contracts

2016- Evaluation of hybrid in-service teacher development program. Queen Rania Teacher Academy, Amman, Jordan.

2008 - 15 Deepening Knowledge, Enhancing Instruction: Embedding Aboriginal

Worldviews and Ways of Knowing In Initial Teacher Education

MTCU Aboriginal Post Secondary Education Funding

MTCU Access to Opportunities Funding

2008 - 2010 Teacher Preparation and Success in Ontario. Joint Research project with Trent, Brock and Laurentian:

Honours and Awards

2015 Realm Award, Ministry of Education (First Nation, Mtis and Inuit Capacity-Building Team)

2006 Excellence in Initial Teacher Education Award, OISE

1997 Bruce County Board of Education Award of Excellence

1994 Isabel Lawson Memorial Award (Federation of Women Teachers of Ontario) for an innovative project advancing education in a school