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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning
Anne Jordan

Anne Jordan
Professor Emerita


Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Master of Teaching Programme

Research Overview

Dr. Jordan has conducted the "Supporting Effective Teaching (SET) Project for over 28 years. This project attempts to develop and test a model of the factors that result in the successful inclusion of students with disabilities in regular elementary classrooms, focusing on effective teaching and teachers' beliefs and practices.
Currently researching and writing about thesis/dissertation development and completion at the Masters and doctoral levels.

Academic History

Retired 2010 after 36 years of teaching and research at OISE. 4 books and more than 75 scholarly publications. Supervised 35 doctoral and 93 masters' theses.
Several awards, notably the Robbie Case Memorial Award from CAEP in 2015
I'm now working in the project 'Thesis in Motion' to support our doctoral candidates to completion.

Teaching Overview

I taught graduate courses such as "Classroom Adaptations and Instructional Strategies," "Adaptive Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms," "Analyses of Instruction," "Introduction to Special Education and Adaptive Instruction," and "Contemporary Issues in Special Education and Adaptive Instruction."
I recently taught CTL 1811S Writing Research - Research Writing.

Representative Publications

Jordan, A. (2018) Teacher Beliefs and Practices: Introduction to the Special Issue. Exceptionality Education International, 28, 5-9.

Jordan, A. (2018) The Supporting Effective Teaching Project: 1. Factors Influencing student success in Inclusive elementary classrooms. Exceptionality Education International, 28 (3), 10-27.

Jordan, A. (2018) The Supporting Effective Teaching Project: 2. The Measures. Exceptionality Education International, 28, 28-50.

Jordan, A., &  McGhie-Richmond, D., (2014). Identifying Effective Teaching Practices In Inclusive Classrooms  In T. Loreman and C. Forlin (Eds). Measuring Inclusive Education International Perspectives on Inclusive Education, Volume 3, 135-165. Emerald Group Publishing Limited  ISSN: 1479-3636/doi:10.1108/S1479-363620140000003023

Jordan, A. (2013). Fostering the transition to effective teaching practices in inclusive classrooms.  In S.E Elliott-Johns & D.H. Jarvis (Eds).  Perspectives on transitions in schooling and instructional practice. University of Toronto Press; Scholarly Publishing Division

Schwartz, E., & Jordan, A., (2011). Teachers’ Epistemological Beliefs and Practices with Students with Disabilities and At-Risk in Inclusive Classrooms: Implications for Teacher Development.  In J. Brownlee, G. Schraw and D. Berthelsen, (Eds.) Personal epistemology in teacher education. London: RoutledgeFalmer. 210-226.

Jordan, A. (2007-8). Introduction to Inclusive Education.  Toronto: Wiley – Web-based On line and print version

Jordan, A. (1994).  Skills in Collaborative Classroom Consultation.  London: Routledge. 

Jordan, A. (1983). A Consumer’s Guide to Bill 82: Special Education in Ontario.  Toronto: OISE Pres



Research Grants and Contracts

My SSHRC-funded research examined teachers' personal theories about the nature of ability and disability, and the resulting differences in teachers' customary teaching practices. In research entitled " The Development of Teachers' Epistemological Beliefs and their Impact on Teaching Practices, I examined the beliefs-practice link with pre-service, novice, mid-career and experienced teachers, and traced the formative events that have led highly skilled teachers to adapt their instruction to accommodate diversity in their classrooms.

Honours and Awards

2015 Robbie Case Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to Educational Psychology in Canada 2015 - Canadian Association for Educational Psychology (CAEP), division of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE).
2009, May. Exceptionality Education International Book Award. CSSE Ottawa, for Introduction to Inclusive Education.
2009, Feb. Canadian Association for Community Living Award for Inclusive Education.
1989 American Speech and Hearing Association Editor's Award for the work of highest merit.
1981 CEC Sam Rabinovich Award for Canadian Research - Special Education (with C. Reich and P. H. Lindsay).

Professional Activities

2006. Served on the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies, as University of Toronto representative.
July 2003-Dec 2004. Associate Chair and Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE/UT. Responsible for Admissions, ex officio for Departmental Standing Committees. Member of the Chair's Advisory Committee. Chair of the Task Force for Academic Planning: Graduate Studies.
1988 1994: Chairperson, Instruction and Special Education, OISE