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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning

Kathy Bickmore

phone: (416) 978-0237
email: k.bickmore@utoronto.ca  

Department: Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Research Overview

Kathy Bickmore (Ph.D. Stanford University 1991) is Professor in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development and Comparative International and Development Education programs at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. She teaches graduate and initial teacher education courses in comparative international democratic citizenship education, peacebuilding education and managing conflict in schools and classrooms, and critical curriculum studies. Kathy’s current research examines young people’s lived experiences of citizen agency and public school citizenship education in urban neighborhoods experiencing violence in Canada and Mexico.

Publications include chapters in Restorative Approaches in Schools, Debates in Citizenship Education, Critical Issues in Peace and Education, Comparative and International Education: Issues for Teachers (also co-editor), and The Sage Handbook on Education for Citizenship and Democracy, and articles in Educational Policy, Social Education, Journal of Teaching and Learning, and Interamerican Journal of Education for Democracy. She is Guest Editor of a theme issue of Curriculum Inquiry (in progress, 2014) on Peace-building (in) Education: Democratic Approaches to Conflict in Schools and Classrooms. Dr. Bickmore received the 2010 OISE Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award, and the 2012 William Kreidler Award for Distinguished Service to the Field of Conflict Resolution Education (Association for Conflict Resolution). She is currently Chair of the Peace Education Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association, and serves on the editorial boards of Theory and Research in Social Education and Canadian and International Education. International work has included the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica, a rural Jamaican high school, a Japan-Canada anti-bullying initiative, and democratic civic education in Tula, Russia. Toronto activities include the Safe and Caring Schools Advisory Committee of the Toronto District School Board and the annual Educating for Peace and Justice professional development conference.

Curriculum Vitae


Academic History

Ph.D. Stanford University Education (Comparative/International) 1991
M.A. University of Iowa Education (Social Studies) 1987
B.A. Oberlin College Sociology (& Peace Education) 1979

Teaching Overview

Dr. Bickmore currently teaches the following course:

• CTL 1312 Democratic Citizenship Education
• CTL 1318 Teaching Conflict & Conflict Resolution: Theory & Practice
• CTL 1000 Foundations of Curriculum Studies
• EDU 5538 Managing Conflict in Classrooms and the School Workplace
• JSV200 Communication and Conflict Resolution (Concurrent Teacher Education Program, Victoria College)

She has also guided various individual reading and research or practicum courses, with student input, including:

• CTL 1998: “Addressing conflict and violence in schools: peacekeeping, peacemaking and peacebuilding approaches to conflict resolution.” (2011)
• CIE1002: “Peace through Experimental Education: Training Strategies, Development and Evaluation” (CIDE practicum, 2010)
• CTL 1999: “International Conflict and Education: Schools, Society and Peripheral Communities” (2010)
• CTL 1999: “Gender, Restorative Justice and Dialogue” (2009)

Representative Publications

Copies of some publications may be accessed via the following link:



Mundy, Karen, Kathy Bickmore, Ruth Hayhoe, Katherine Madjidi & Meggan Madden (Editors, 2008), Comparative and International Education: Issues for Teachers. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press and New York: Teachers College Press.  (Includes Bickmore chapter “Education for Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding in Plural Societies:  Approaches from Around the World”)


Bickmore, Kathy (2013), “Circle Dialogue Processes in Elementary Classrooms: Locations for Restorative and Educative Work.” Restorative Approaches in Schools, edited by Hilary Cremin, Edward Sellman, & Gillian McCluskey (Routledge).

Bickmore, K. (2012), "Peacebuilding Dialogue as Democratic Education: Conflictual issues, restorative problem-solving, and student diversity in classrooms." In James Arthur & Hilary Cremin (Editors), Debates in Citizenship Education (Routledge).

Parker, Christina & Bickmore, Kathy (2012), “Conflict Management and Dialogue with Diverse Students: Novice Teachers’ Approaches and Concerns.” Journal of Teaching and Learning 8(2) [online], 47-63.

Bickmore, Kathy (2011), “Policies and programming for safer schools: Are ‘anti-bullying’ approaches impeding education for peacebuilding?” Educational Policy 25(4, July), 648 - 687.

Bickmore, K. (2011), “Education for 'peace' in urban Canadian schools: Gender, culture, conflict.” In Peter Pericles Trifonas & Bryan Wright (Editors), Curriculum and Difference: Deeply Thinking the Critical Issues of Peace and Education (Routledge).

Bickmore, Kathy (2011), “Keeping, making, and building peace in school” Social Education {“Research and Practice” section refereed/edited by Walter Parker} 75(1, January), 42-46.

Bickmore, Kathy & Angela MacDonald (2010), “Student leadership opportunities for making ‘peace’ in Canada’s urban schools: Contradictions.” Interamerican Journal of Education for Democracy3(2), 125-152.

Bickmore, K. (2009), “Global Education to Build Peace.” In T.  Kirkwood-Tucker (Ed.), Vision in Global Education: The Globalization of Curriculum and Pedagogy in Teacher Education and Schools (Peter Lang)

Bickmore, K. (2008), “Peace and conflict education.” In: J. Arthur, I. Davies, & C. Hahn (Eds.), Sage Handbook of Education for Citizenship and Democracy (Sage)

Bickmore, K. (2008), “Social studies for social justice: Learning/ navigating power and conflict.” In L. Levstik & C. Tyson (Eds.), Handbook of Research in Social Studies Education (Routledge)

Bickmore, Kathy (2007), “Linking global with local: Cross-cultural conflict education in urban Canadian schools.  In F. Leach, M. Dunne, & R. Masika, Editors, Education, Conflict and Reconciliation: International Perspectives. Oxford, UK: Peter Lang, 237-252.

Research Grants and Contracts

Year: 2013
Individual Principal Investigator
Grantor: SSHRC (IG)
Purpose: Research grant: Peace-building Citizenship Learning in Canada and Mexico: School Connections with Life Experience
Amount: $417 901

Year: 2012
Co-Investigator with David Ast
Grantor: Inquiry Into Practice (OISE/University of Toronto)
Purpose: Research grant: Critical global citizenship: Teaching for student engagement and action
Amount: $5000

Year: 2009
Individual Principal Investigator
Grantor: SSHRC (GRG)
Purpose: Research grant: Peacebuilding Dialogue in Schools: Circle Processes for Restorative Problem-Solving and Democratic Learning
Amount: $124 110

Year: 2008
Co-Investigator with Bi-national group
Grantor: International Council for Canadian Studies International Research Linkage Programme
Purpose: International research linkage, proposal developmt with U. Birmingham CIER
Amount: $ 9 850

Honours and Awards

William Kreidler Award for Distinguished Service to the Field of Conflict Resolution Education, Association for Conflict Resolution 2012

Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award, OISE 2010

Exemplary Dissertation Award, National Council for the Social Studies; 1993

Professional Activities

• Canadian representative, Peace Education Commission of International Peace Research Association, 2000-2006 & 2008-present
• President, Peace Education Special Interest Group of American Educational Research Association, 4/2013-2014 and 4/2005-2006
• President, Citizenship Education Research Network of the Canadian Society for Studies in Education, 5/2005-2006 (Steering Committee, 2005-07)
• Association for Conflict Resolution: ACR Board of Directors founding member, 2000-2003, Education Section Co-Chair 2003-2004, Section Steering Committee, 2003-2007
• Editorial Consultant, Curriculum Inquiry, 2006-present
• Editorial Board, Canadian and International Education, 2012-present
• Editorial Board, Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 2003-2006
• Editorial Board, Journal of Peace Education, 2007-present
• Editorial Board, Theory and Research in Social Education, 1995 - 2003 & 2007-present