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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning
Diane Gérin-Lajoie

Diane Gérin-Lajoie
Professor Emerita

phone: (416) 978-1993
email: diane.gerin.lajoie@utoronto.ca  

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Centre de Recherche en Education Franco-Ontarienne
Human Resources

Research Overview

Dr. Diane Grin-Lajoie is a Professor with the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning as OISE. She is also the Head of the Centre de recherches en éducation franco-ontarienne (CREFO) located at OISE. Her research interests focus primarily on minority education, French minority language education and English minority language education in Canada, educational policy, school and society, the process of identity construction, and teaching in minority settings.

The funded research that Dr. Grin-Lajoie is engaged in examines the process of identity construction. She is presently working on a sixth program of research funded by SSHRC on the life trajectories of immigrant students who completed their high school in the French minority education system. This follows a similar program of research conducted with a group of Anglophone high school students in Montral and another study on Francophones high school students in Ontario. She recently completed a program of research on the life histories of teachers working in Anglophone minority language schools in Qubec, which followed a similar program of research conducted in Ontario on the identity of teachers working in minority settings. Dr. Grin-Lajoie was also the co-director of a national longitudinal study on the evolution of school personnel in Canada since 1990.
Dr. Grin-Lajoie was ranked first in 2005 in the SSHRC competition (D3-year program of research -Committee 17). She is an active lecturer has authored several books and book chapters in English and French on linguistic minority education, student discourses on identity in minority settings, as well as in the area of teachers' work and identity in minority settings.

Curriculum Vitae


Academic History

Ph.D. University of Toronto, Education, 1987
M.A. Mc Gill University, Sociology, 1981
B.A. Spec.Hon. Universit de Montral, Sociology, 1978

Teaching Overview

Dr. Grin-Lajoie has taught the following courses at OISE:

CTL 1306S Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Concepts and Methods (2014)
. CTL1816F Minority Education and Inclusion: Policies in Practice
CTL 1307S Identit collective et ducation minoritaire de langue franaise (2013)
CTL 1307 Identity Construction and Education of Minorities (2013)
CTL 1306S La recherche qualitative en ducation : bases thoriques et pratiques - distance education, computer course - (2013)

Representative Publications


Gérin-Lajoie, D. (forthcoming - Spring 2016).Negotiating Identities: Anglophones Teaching and Living in Québec.  Toronto: University f Toronto Press.

Gérin-Lajoie, D. (2011) Youth, Language and Identity: Portraits of Students from English-language High Schools in the Montreal Area.  Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press, 212 pages.

Gérin-Lajoie, D. 2008. Educators’ Discourses on Student Diversity in Canada : Context, Policy and Practice. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’Press, 195 pages.

Gérin-Lajoie, D. 2003. Parcours identitaires de jeunes francophones en milieu minoritaire. Sudbury : Les Éditions Prise de parole, 190 pages.


Gérin-Lajoie, D. (on invitation - accepted). “Vivre dans deux mondes à la fois”, in R. Landry and J. Wedjab Life After Forty : Official Languages in Canada, Montreal: McGill-Queen University Press – Queen’s Policy Series, Fall 2010

Gérin-Lajoie, D. and C. Lenouvel (accepted). “Le rapport à l’identité chez les jeunes des minorités de langue officielle au Québec et en Ontario” in N. Gallant (ed.) Vues d’ici et d’ailleurs, Quebec: Presses de l’Université Laval.


Research Grants and Contracts

Year: 2009-2012
Individual or Group: Individual
Grantor: SSHRC
Purpose: Research
Amount: $126,651

Year: 2005-2008
Individual or Group: Individual
Grantor: SSHRC
Purpose: Research
Amount: $112,115

Year: 2004
Individual or Group: Individual
Grantor: Association canadienne d'ducation de langue franaise
Purpose: Contract
Amount: $33,943

Year: 2002-2007
Individual or Group: Group
Grantor: SSHRC - Major Coll. Res.Initiatives
Purpose: Research
Amount: $2.5millions ($270,000)

Honours and Awards

Dr. invited by the CTL department to submit my candidacy for the prestigious Killam Fellowships (Arts Council of Canada), 2008.
Ranked 1st in the country - Committee 17 SSHRC Research Grants, 2005

Professional Activities

Editorial positions on scholarly journals:

Grin-Lajoie, D. (2006) Guest Editor of a special issue called "La contribution de l'cole au processus de construction identitaire des lves dans une socit pluraliste", ducation et Francophonie (refereed academic journal), Volume XXIV, number 1, Spring 2006.

Invited Lectures:

Grin-Lajoie, D. 2009. Histoire et mmoire collective dans les coles des minorits francophones. Canadian Ethnic Studies Conference, Moncton, November 5.
Grin-Lajoie, D. 2009. Appartenir deux mondes la fois, Symposium on the 40th Anniversary of the Official Languages Act, Ottawa, September 6.
Grin-Lajoie, D. 2008. Le discours du personnel enseignant sur leur travail en milieu francophone minoritaire, Round Table ducation, diversit et enjeux sociaux, CREFO, University of Toronto, Toronto, June 6.
Grin-Lajoie, D. 2008. L'cole situe en milieu minoritaire et la transmission de la culture : de quoi est-il question au juste?
Symposium on language planning, Ontario Ministry of Education, April 25.
Grin-Lajoie, D. 2008. Les francophones et l'cole. CIRCEM 8th Conference, University of Ottawa, March 11.
Grin-Lajoie, D. 2008. Le rapport l'identit des jeunes au sein des minorits linguistiques. HEP-BEJUNE, Bienne, January 31.
Grin-Lajoie, D. 2008. La recherche qualitative en ducation : bases thoriques et pratiques. HEP-BEJUNE, Bienne, January 31.
Grin-Lajoie, D. 2008. La recherche qualitative en ducation : l'approche ethnographique, HEP-BEJUNE, Bienne, January 30.
Grin-Lajoie, D. 2008. L'utilisation de l'ethnographie critique dans l'tude des rapports de pouvoir. INRP, Universit de Lyon, January 17.