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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning
Brenda Stein Dzaldov

Brenda Stein Dzaldov

email: brenda.steindzaldov@utoronto.ca  
email: brenda.steindzaldov@utoronto.ca  

Department: Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Research Overview

My interests lie in the areas of literacy education and inclusive practices in schools that result in meaningful and authentic learning. I am a former elementary teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, literacy mentor teacher and school administrator. I have led school improvement initiatives in both public and private schools over the past 15 years.

My current research interests are in the areas of theory to practice in literacy education, inclusive differentiated instruction and creating psychologically safe spaces for teaching and learning. My most recent publications include:
Ready, Set, Learn (Pembroke, 2015) which investigates how to integrate powerful learning skills and strategies into daily instruction; and,
Inspiring Meaningful Learning (Pembroke, 2018) which shares strategies for designing lessons that engage students in deep learning.

Teaching Overview

AT OISE/UT, I teach or have taught the following courses:
CTL7011H - Child and Adolescent Development in Learning (formerly EDU3506 Educational Psychology)
CTL7000H - Curriculum and Teaching in Literacy
CTL7008H - Special Education and Mental Health
CTL5309 - Special Topics in Language and Literacies Education: Master's Level Early Literacy Intervention for Young Children

I believe that teaching involves an extensive set of practices that must be carefully and thoughtfully designed to enhance the learning, of the students in my courses and in school classrooms. As Dr. Barrie Bennett so eloquently explained, teaching is both an art and a science. As a science, learning depends on approaches such as curriculum design, assessment, evaluation, cooperative learning, theories of social constructivism, cognitive science and a wide range or instructional strategies and practices that research has shown to be effective in teaching and learning. However, it is also an art; with rapport, creativity, and flexibility, teaching leads us and our students into new and unknown territory where learning is the beautiful process that I have experienced over my 30 years as an educator.

Representative Publications

Refereed Journals

Dzaldov, B. S., & Peterson, S.  (2005). Book leveling and readers.  The Reading Teacher 59(3), 222-229.

Professional Writing

Stein Dzaldov, B. (2018).  Inspiring Meaningful Learning:  6 steps to creating lessons that engage students in deep learning.  Pembroke, Markham. 

Stein Dzaldov, B. (2015).  Ready, Set, Learn! Integrating powerful learning skills and strategies into daily instruction.  Pembroke, Markham. 

Harper, J. and Stein Dzaldov, B. (2011).  Literacy Smarts:  Simple classroom strategies for using interactive whiteboards to engage students.  Pembroke, Markham. 

Stein Dzaldov, B., and Shapiro, E. (2009).   Scaffolding Early Literacy using the SMARTboard in Booth, D., Stagg Peterson, S. and Jupiter, C. (eds). Books, Media, and the Internet: Children's Literature for Today's Classrooms. Winnipeg, MB. 

Stein Dzaldov, B. (2006). Collector Cards, in J. Rowsell, Family Literacy Experiences.  Pembroke, Markham, 111-116.

Dzaldov, B. S. (2005).  Beginning readers and New Literacy Studies.  Orbit 36(1), 8-10. 

Children’s Books

Nelson Inforead Mathematics (Grade 2)

Dzaldov, B.S. & Urback, C.  (2005)      The Game Show (Level J)

                                                              The Rose Avenue Street Sale (Level L)

                                                              Mitchell’s Readathon (Level J)

                                                              Two Tooth Fairies (Level L)

Nelson Inforead Mathematics (Grade 1)

Dzaldov, B.S. & Urback, C.  (2004)       Paper Chains to Ten (Level C)

                                                              The Bubble Booth (Level F)

                                                              Bouncy Balls (Level H)

                                                              Birthday Candles (Level F)

                                                              I Made a Trail (Level I, Lap Book)

                                                              The Jellybean Jar (Level D)

Nelson Inforead Social Studies (Grade 1)

Dzaldov, B.S. & Urback, C. (2004)       Safety First (Big Book)

                                                              Signs all around (Level D)

                                                              Rules are Cool (Level G)

                                                              Talking to the Animals (Level I)

Nelson Inforead Mathematics (Kindergarten)

Dzaldov, B.S. & Urback, C.  (2004)       At the Toy Store (Big Book)

                                                              Frogs and Turtles (Level A)

                                                              We Like Apples (Level A)

                                                              The Video Game (Level B)

                                                              Abracadabra!  (Level B)



Honours and Awards

Winner of the 2019 OISE/UT Excellence in Initial Teacher Education Award

Professional Activities

I provide specialized educational consulting services to private and public schools, independent schools and organizations. Please visit my website at https://brendadzaldoveducationalconsulting.com.