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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning
Cathy Marks Krpan

Cathy Marks Krpan
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

phone: (416) 978-0099
phone: 416-978-0099

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Centre for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education

Research Overview

Dr. Cathy Marks Krpan is a former classroom teacher and district education consultant. She is the 2021 recipient of Fields Institute's Margaret Sinclair Memorial award, recognizing innovation and excellence in mathematics education. She teaches mathematics education courses in the graduate programs at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. An award-winning educator and author, Cathy's current publication, "Teaching Math with Meaning" was released in 2018 and is used extensively in classrooms across Canada and internationally. Cathy presents to educators, district leaders and parents in North America, Asia, and Europe on effective ways to engage students in learning mathematics.

Cathy's primary research interests in mathematics education focus on how to support students who struggle, English Language Learners and the teaching of argumentation. Her current research project explores think-alouds and self-talk in mathematics. Cathy enjoys facilitating research in classrooms, learning alongside teachers and students. She is former editor of the NCTM Journal "Teaching Children Mathematics."

Twitter: @CathyMarksKrpan

Academic History

Ph. D. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
Curriculum Teaching and Learning

M. Ed. Brock University, St. Catharines
Mathematics Education

Representative Publications

Conference Papers and Publications


Attie, J. P., & Krpan, C. M. (2020). Argumentação em livros didáticos de matemática: Brasil e Canadá. Interfaces Brasil/Canadá20, 1-20.

Attie, J., & Marks Krpan, C. (2020). Argumentation in mathematical textbooks: Brazil and Canada.  Integrated Studies on Discourse and Argumentation.

Krpan C.M., Sahmbi G. (2020) Argumentation Is Elementary: The Case for Teaching Argumentation in Elementary Mathematics Classrooms. In: Costa S.A., Danesi M., Martinovic D. (eds) Mathematics (Education) in the Information Age. Mathematics in Mind, 37-52.  Springer, Cham.

Marks Krpan, C. & Sahambi, G. (2020, April) Thinking Out Loud in Math Class: Teachers Perceptions of the Impact of Think Alouds in Elementary Mathematics. Paper presented at American Education Research Association Conference, Toronto, Canada.

Marks Krpan, C. & Sahambi, G. (2019, April) Taking the Journey Less Travelled: Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions of the Impact of Action Research on the Implementation of Argumentation Tasks in their Classroom Practice. Paper presented at The American Education Research Association Conference, Toronto, Canada

Marks Krpan, C. & Sahambi, G. (2019, June) Arguing for access: Teachers’ perspectives on the use of argumentation in elementary mathematics and its impact on student success. Paper presented at Canadian Society for the Study of Education Conference, Vancouver, Canada

Marks Krpan, C. (2018). Teaching math with meaning: Cultivating self-effficacy through learning competencies. Toronto, ON: Pearson Education

Marks Krpan, C. (2017). Open Spaces. In D. Booth & Richard Coles (Eds.), What is a good teacher? (pp. 89- 92). Toronto, ON: Pembroke Publishers.

Marks Krpan, C. (2017).  Placemats to Facilitate Thinking  In L. Swartz (Ed). Take me to your reader (pp 34-35). Pembroke Publishers.

Marks Krpan, C. (2014). Infusing world views in mathematical understanding/thinking in micro-global communities in Ontario.  In M.Evans, K.Broad (Eds.). School University Partnerhips Creatve Educations,OISE

Marks Krpan, C. (2013). Math expressions: Developing student thinking and problem solving through communication.Toronto, ON: Pearson Education.

Stagg Peterson, S., Mark Krpan, C.,  (2013).  University faculty, colleagues and teachers' federation as mentors in collaborative action research. McGill Journal of Education. 45(2). 257-274.

Marks Krpan, C. (2011). Supporting struggling learners through collaborative problem solving in mathematics: Examining the impact on student success. In C. Rolheiser, M. Evans, & M. Gambir (eds.), Inquiry into practice: Reaching every student through inclucive  curriuclum (pp.101-117).  Toronto, Ontario: Ontario Institute for the Studies in Education.






Research Grants and Contracts

2020 Exploring Mathematical Think alouds in Elementary Classrooms
2018 Teachers' Perceptions of Think alouds in Mathematics
2017 Identifying Mathematical Knowledge in Student Argumentations
2014 Exploration of Mathematical Proofs in Elementary Classrooms
2012 English Language Learners in Global Classrooms
2010 Exploring Math Pedagogy through Action Research
2009 Approaches to Problem Solving with English Language Learners
2008 Action Research and Teacher Collaboration in Mathematics
2007 Math Talk and its Impact on Student Learning

Honours and Awards

Recipient, Margaret Sinclair Memorial Award, Fields Institute, 2021
Nominee, OISE Teaching Excellence Award, 2012
Nominee, OISE Teaching Excellence Award, 2011
Nominee, OISE Teaching Award, 2006
Recipient, OISE Student Teacher's Union Instructor of the Year Award, 2002, and 2004
Recipient, Teacher's Choice Award, 2006, for Teacher Resources Math Readers, Abrams Publishers