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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

You may use this system to:

  • Apply for Additional Qualifications courses
    (Note that a valid email address and credit card are required)
  • Check the registration status of your application
  • Update your current contact information
Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning

Staff Directory

Name Position Room Number Phone E-mail
Clare Brett Chair 11-142 416-978-0123 clare.brett@utoronto.ca
Ashley Bir Financial Assistant 11-146 416-978-0059 ashley.bir@utoronto.ca
Danny Cavanagh Program Assistant, Graduate Studies 10-106 416-978-0248 danny.cavanagh@utoronto.ca
Cheryl Clarke Program Assistant, Graduate Studies 10-108 416-978-0245 cherylj.clarke@utoronto.ca
Gabrielle de Montmolin Editorial Assistant, Curriculum Inquiry 10-126 416-978-0050 g.demontmollin@utoronto.ca
Natalie DeSouza Information Support Specialist 11-150 416-978-0042 natalie.desouza@utoronto.ca
Marilyn Fraser Program Assistant, Practicum (Secondary) (MT) 10-106 416-978-0149 marilyn.fraser@utoronto.ca
Antoinette Gagne Associate Chair, Student Experience 11-134 416-978-0117 antoinette.gagne@utoronto.ca
Jim Hewitt Associate Chair, Teacher Education 11-136 416-978-0197 jim.hewitt@utoronto.ca
Susana La Rosa Applications Programmer/Analyst, IKIT 10-106 416-978-0362 susana.larosa@utoronto.ca
Bessie Giannikos Manager, Finance & Administration 11-144 416-978-0060 bessie.giannikos@utoronto.ca
Lynette Lobo Program Assistant, Practicum (Elementary) (MT) 10-106 416-978-0152 lynette.lobo@utoronto.ca
Terry Louisy Coordinator, Graduate Programs 11-132 416-978-0054 terry.louisy@utoronto.ca
Mary Lovatsis Program Assistant and Liaison (MT) 10-106 416-978-2312 mlovatsis@oise.utoronto.ca
Lisa Juan Research, Partnerships and Communications Officer 11-148 416-978-0052 lisa.juan@utoronto.ca
Michelle Pon Graduate Liaison Officer 10-106 416-978-0051 michelle.pon@utoronto.ca
Phillippa Pothemont Program Assistant, Partnerships (MT) 10-106 416-978-0041 p.pothemont@utoronto.ca
Ann Trakosas Administrative/Finance Assistant, LLE 10-244 416-978-0275 ann.trakosas@utoronto.ca
Morgan Selvanathan Executive Assistant to the Chair 10-106 416-978-0034 morgan.selvanathan@utoronto.ca