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Our Research Programs

Addressing Injustices: Teachers and Adolescents Coauthoring Social Justice-Oriented Literacy Curriculum (2015-2021)

Funded by an Early Researcher Award from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation (March 2015), this project involves 150 students and 100 teacher candidates over five years as partners in co-creating arts-based projects and social justice curriculum for five young adult novels that explore issues of ethnic, racial, religious or gender identity, cultural, and the function of power in society. More information is available at www.addressinginjustices.com.

Principal Investigator:     Rob Simon (CUS)

Co-Investigator:             Sarah Evis (TDSB)

Research Assistants:       

Ty Walkland (CTL)
Ben Gallagher (CTL)
Douglas Friesen (CTL)
benjamin lee hicks (CTL)
Pam Baer (CTL)
Kate Reid (CTL)
Velta Douglas (2015-2016)


The Experiences of LGBTQ Families in Ontario Schools (2013-2020)

A SSHRC-funded multi-year project whose goal is to video record interviews with LGBTQ families across Ontario about their children's experiences in school and to share findings with teachers, community educators and other LGBTQ families. Visit http://www.lgbtqfamiliesspeakout.ca/ for more information.

Prinicpal Investigator:     Tara Goldstein (CUS)

Research Assistants:       

Austen Koecher (Research Manager 2017-2018, Research Assistant)
Pam Baer (Research Manager 2014-2017, Research Assistant, Artist Researcher)
benjamin lee hicks (Research Assistant, Artist Researcher)
Kate Reid (Research Assistant, Artist Researcher)
Jenny Salisbury (Artist Researcher)
Tarra Joshi (Research Assistant, 2014-2017)
Katerina Cook (Research Assistant 2016-2018)
Alec Butler (Research Assistant, 2016-2017)
Edil Ga’al (Research Assistant, 2018-2019)
Yasmin Owis (Research Assistant, 2018-2019)
Ty Walkland (Research Assistant, 2018-2019)
Helgi Audarson Gudmundsson (Podcast Editor, 2018-2019)

View the 2018 Interim Report


Critical Practitioner Research Collaborative (2012-2016)

A research exchange among doctoral students and faculty from OISE and the University of Pennsylvania who are interesed in urban practitioner reasech.

The exchange began in 2012, initiated by Dr. Rob Simon at OISE and Gerald Campano, a leader in the field of critical practitioner research at University of Pennsylvania.  It has involved video links, two visits to OISE by Dr. Campano, shared student research initiatives, and OISE presentations at Practitioner Research Day at the Ethnography in Education Resarch conference in Philadelphia in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Directors:     Rob Simon (CUS), Gerald Campano (UPenn)

Research Assistants:    Will Edwards and Shiny Balachandran


Understanding and Improving Black Student Achievement (2014-2015)

A one year critical practitioner research project with Toronto District School Board (TDSB) that will provide TDSB teachers with an opportunity to conduct critical practitioner research projects on improving Black student achievement in their classrooms and schools.

Prinicpal Investigator: Tara Goldstein (CUS)

Co-Investigator: Rob Simon (CUS)
                         Nicole West-Burns (CUS)

Collaborator:      Karen Murray, Coordinator for Teacher's Learning and Leading Department, TDSB

Research Assistant:  Austen Koecher (CTL)

Past CUS Research Studies
Putting Inner City Students First (2011)  Centre for Urban Schooling.
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