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The following is a list of publications produced by the CWSE or with the support of the CWSE and its Associates.  Many of these publications are available for purchase through the CWSE; prices are listed next to the item.  The Dame Nita Barrow lectures are also available as transcribed PDFs.  Links to download these PDFs are next to the lecture title.  

To order copies of any of the publications below or access them in site please contact us for availability and hours of operation.



Feminism and Education: A Canadian Perspective, Vol. I, Frieda Forman and Mary O'Brien, et. al., eds. 

Feminism and Education: A Canadian Perspective, Vol. II, Paula Bourne and Philinda Masters, eds.

No Easy Road: Women in Canada, 1920s to 1960s, Beth Light and Ruth Roach Pierson, eds.

Toward the Future: Proceedings of a Workshop on Women in Non-Traditional Occupations, Pat Staton, Joyce Scane and Dormer Ellis, eds. 

Women's Paid and Unpaid Work: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives, Paula Bourne, ed.


Gender and Schooling Papers

1.Feminism in Secondary Schools: A Case Study of Women's Studies in Ontario's North
York Board of Education by Barbara Brown.

2.Girls and Schooling: Their Own Critique by Dorothy Smith, Liza McCoy and Paula Bourne.

3.Gender Equity and the Professional Education of Teachers: A Critical Review, by Paula Bourne and Dorothy Smith.


Monograph Series

1. Status of Women in Ontario Universities: Overview by Janice Drakich, Dorothy E. Smith, Penni Stewart, Bonnie Fox and Alison Griffith.

2. Hopes and Dreams of Young Women: A Longitudinal Study by Gloria Geller.

Popular Feminism Papers

1. Psyching Women Out by Paula Caplan

2. Towards a Feminist Standpoint for Psychology by Jeri Dawn Wine

3. Feminism and the Malepractice of Sociology by Dorothy Smith

4. Sitting Between Two Chairs and Loving It: Reflections of a Feminist Sociologist by Margrit Eichler

5. The Chaos of Subjectivity in the Ordered Halls of Academe by Kathy Rockhill

6. From the Inside Out: On First Teaching Women's Literature and Feminist Criticism by Deanne Bogdan

7. Undoing Crazy Making: Feminist Therapy—A Stitch in Time Saves Nine by Nikki Gerrard

8. Protesting Too Much: Feminist Discourse Under Pressure by Mary Nyquist

9. Reverse Angles: Feminist Filmmaking by Kay Armatage

10. Integrative Anti-Racism and Feminism, (download as PDF here) Popular Feminism Presentations 20th Anniversary Series: Putting Antisemitism on the Anti-Oppression Agenda in Women's Studies and the Feminist Community by Nora Gold
An Embodied Integrative Anti-Racist Feminism by Roxana Ng
The Politics of Naming Feminisms: The Debate Continues by Njoki Wan


Critical Perspectives Papers

1. Creative Women in Music: A Critical Review of Psychological Studies by Eugene Gates

2. A Critical Review of the Social Role Theory as an Explanation for the Sex Differences in Depression by Elizabeth Lynett

3. An Image of Men as Children by Debbie Yates

4. Research on the Effects of Child Sexual Abuse: A Feminist Critique by Lori Haskell

5. Father Absence: Research Pertaining to the Role of the Father in Children's Cognitive and Moral Development by Anna Palamedes

6. Women in Roles of School Leadership: Theoretical Reflections Upon Selected Administrative Studies, 1968-1987 by Carol E. Harris


Occasional Papers

1. Supervised Private Home Day Care: One Option for Child Care in Canada by Susan Clarke

2. The Real Cabbage Patch Kids: An Examination of Canadian Private Adoption by Evelyn B. Ferguson

3. The Legislation on Child and Spousal Support at Separation and Divorce: An Analysis of the Principles Behind the Law by Catherine E. Foote

4. Families and Canadian Census: A Brief Critique of Current Methodology and Some Suggested Improvements by Linda S. Williams

5. Reproductive Technologies: Masculine Dominance and the Canadian State by Somer Brodribb

6. Working Both Sides of the Fence: A Critical Review of Family Therapy Courses in Social Work Education by Patricia A. McGillicuddy

7. Breaking the Circular Hold: Taking on the Patriarchal and Ideological Biases in Traditional Economic Theory by Margaret W. White

8. Not available

9. Recent Changes in Welfare Policy in Selected Canadian Provinces by Maria Cetnar and Jane Haddad

10. A Feminist Perspective on the Badgley Report "Sexual Offences Against Children" by Betty Carter

11. Native Families in Jeopardy: The Child Welfare System in Canada by Barbara Pimento

12. The Problem of Alcohol Abuse Among Native Peoples of Labrador as It Relates to Familial Interaction by Glen R. Fudge

13. A Future for Women at the University of Toronto: The Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of Women by D.E. Smith, A.J. Cohen, P.A. Staton, J. Drakich, D. Rayside and G.E. Burt

14. Toward a Feminist Perspective in Native History by Sylvia Van Kirk

15. Presenting Psychological Problems by Jean Baker Miller



1. The History of Gender and Teaching by Susan Gelman and Alison Prentice

2. Jewish Women's Voices: Past and Present by Frieda Forman with Cynthia Maier

3. Trauma, Eating Problems and the Problem of Embodiment by Carla Rice

4. Women and the Professions: A Bibliography by Alyson King

5. Writings on and by Black Women of African Descent: A Bibliography by Amal Madibbo

6. Equitable Resources: An Annotated Bibliography for Grade 10 History by Katrina Sale

7. Gender Equity (download as PDF) by Cindy Murray


Dame Nita Barrow Public Lectures (transcription booklets)

1997 - Lecture 1. Eudine Barriteau, Are Caribbean Women Taking Over: Contradictions for Women in Caribbean Society.

1998 - Lecture 2. Peggy Antrobus, Women's Leadership: Catalysts for Change.

1999 - Lecture 3. Nighat Said Khan, Up Against the State: The Women's Movement in Pakistan: Implications for the Global Women's Movement.

2000 - Lecture 4. Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, Creating and Sustaining Feminist Space in Africa: Local-Global Challenges in the 21st Century.

2001 - Lecture 5. Moema L. Viezzer, Feminist Transformative Leadership: A Learning Experience with Peasant and Gatherer Women in Brazil.

2002 - Lecture 6. Rita Thapa, TEWA - Doing the Impossible: Feminist Action in Nepal. The Founder's Story.

2003 - Lecture 7. Alda Facio, The Empire Strikes Back But Finds Feminism Invincible.

2004 - Lecture 8. Indai Sajor, Put Wrong on the Scaffold and Truth on the Throne: The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal.

2005 - Lecture 9. Marieme Hélie-Lucas, Women Living Under Muslim Laws:
Struggles Against Fundamentalism in Europe and North America

2006 - Lecture 10. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Indigenous Women and Feminism: Human Rights and Canadian Corporations. No transcription available, but the video can be viewed here.


Other Resources

Sex-role Stereotyping: an Awareness Kit for Parents and Teachers, Ontario Women's Directorate, 1995. 

Words That Count Women Out/In, Ontario Women's Directorate, Second Edition. 

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