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A Women Out of Control
Roxana Ng

Sexism and racism in universities.

Becoming Feminists
Lorena Garjardo and Jamie Ryckman

Edited by Lorena Gajardo (RFR) and Jamie Ryckman (CWSE) Becoming Feminists is a collection of stories, essays, art, and poetry from across Canada

Woman Abuse Affects our Children: Resources for Elementary Teachers
Paula Bourne

The Ontario Women’s Directorate (OWD) funded this project to establish and lead an expert panel of educators (The Education Sector Training Panel) to develop a training package and a strategy for province-wide training on domestic violence for elementary teachers, principals and guidance counsellors to help them identify children who may be exposed to domestic violence or who are at risk, and to provide appropriate supports and/or referrals.

The panel included representatives from the three provincial teacher associations (Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, ETFO; Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, OECTA; Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontarien, AEFO); Ontario School Counsellors Association; Ontario Native Education Counselling Association; Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants; Women’s Multicultural Resources and Counselling Centre of Durham; London Family Court Clinic; Springtide Resources, Faculty of Education, York University. When the work was complete OWD approved additional funding to develop a DVD and website to complement the print based materials. Currently, training is being carried out for teachers through the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (EFTO) and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA); additional training sessions have been held for principals through the Ontario Principals’ Council and the Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario and for Native educators through the Ontario Native Education Counselling Association.

For information about the print materials, DVD, and training, 
please contact Paula Bourne (paula.bourne@utoronto.ca). 


A Duty to the Past, a Promise to the Future: Black Organizing in Windsor - The Depression, World War II and the Post War Years
Peggy Bristow

Three generations of black women in Windsor, Ontario-Ethel Christian, her daughter, Winifred Christian Shreve, and her granddaughter, E. Andrea Shreve Moore- have preserved for us a little known part of Canada’s history during the Depression, World War II, and the post-war years. These records broaden and deepen our understanding of how black men and women, ordinary citizens, comprehended and carried out their civic duties in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

With the Depression, the always-slim prospects for blacks narrowed further and those for working-class blacks, particularly women, shrank drastically. In 1934, British Methodist Episcopal and First Baptist churchwomen, many of whom were at the time active members of the CCA, formed the Hour a Day Study Club. The women (including founding member Ethel Christian) saw themselves not as feminists but rather as duty bound in carrying out their civic duties in a society steeped in racism. Their activism was informed by both consciousness of their status as women and by class-consciousness.


Jewish Women's History & Literature
Frieda Forman


Frieda's areas of scholarship include the women's movement in Canada and the US, Jewish women's history and literature, and feminist research and resources.


Enacting Learning: An Arts-Informed Inquiry with the Bay Area Artists for Women's Art (BAAWA) (2000-2009, published 2010, Saarbrücken, Germany: Lambert)
Pam Patterson, CWSE Senior Associate and WIAprojects Director


Anti-Globalization and the Global Feminist Movement (2005-2009)
Angela Miles, Acting CWSE Head, Cross-Appointed from Adult Education and Counselling Psychology Department

This SSHRC-funded qualitative longitudinal study examines the perceptions of feminists who are active globally, on the relationship of the global women’s movement to the ‘anti-globalization movement.’ These movements represent the two broadest and most diverse cases of achieved globalized practice emerging in response to both the ravages of triumphant neo-liberal patriarchy and the fresh opportunities for global connection and communication.


Leadership of Difference: Women in the African Canadian Diaspora
Marilyn Johncilla, CWSE Associate Scholar


Growing Up Jewish, Female and Canadian: A Longitudinal Study of Girls Aged 10-14
Nora Gold, CWSE Senior Associate and CWSE Writer-in-Residence





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Educational Campaign to Combat Date and Acquaintance Rape on College and University Campuses

This project was coordinated by CWSE and involved feminist researchers from OISE, Glendon College (York University) and Seneca College. The team developed a set of English- and French-language materials which include pamphlets, booklets, posters, bibliographies, resource lists and training manuals. Copies of the materials are available from CWSE.


A Feminist Critique of Schooling

This SSHRC funded study undertook a critical appraisal of schooling, drawing on the experience and knowledge of female students, teachers and administrators. Focus group methods of interviewing were used. The results are now available in a CWSE monograph, Girls and Schooling: Their Own Critique.

Developing Educational Resources on Sexual Harassment in Elementary Schools

The purpose of this project was to document the incidence of sexual harassment in elementary schools and develop educational resources for educators who want to deal with this problem. It built on work conducted in Ontario secondary schools which resulted in the publication of a ground-breaking report on the effects of sexual harassment on the education of high school girls (Sexual Harassment: We Can Do Something About It!, Staton and Larkin, 1993.) Project staff have developed a kit -- Harassment Hurts: Sex-Role Stereotyping, Sexism and Sexual Harassment for elementary school students which includes a facilitator's guide, classroom activities, print and visual resources as well as a list of additional resources.

Heterosexual Dating Violence: Implications for the Educational Achievement of Female High School Students -- A Pilot Study

The purpose of this project, funded by the MET Transfer Grant, was to document the prevalence of heterosexual dating violence and its impact on the educational achievement of female high school students and to analyze this pilot information to prepare for a future cross-Ontario study to develop materials on dating violence for high schools. Documentation took place using a combination of questionnaires and focus groups with a culturally diverse sample of senior female students from a school in which educators were sensitive to the issue of heterosexual dating violence.The researchers are seeking further funding to expand the project to all Ontario School Boards with a view to developing an educational kit on dating violence.

Pre-Service Education in Gender Equity: Appraising Needs and Identifying Exemplary Practices

This project, funded by the MET Transfer Grant, was designed to assist faculties of education in developing and enhancing their pre-service programs in gender-equitable teaching. The research involved focus group interviews with groups of student teachers as they moved through their theory courses and practice-teaching assignments. The focus groups explored, from the students' perspectives, how gender issues and gender-fair teaching strategies were taken up in teachers' professional training, identifying exemplary practices and highlighting areas of need. For a report on this work see "Where Are the Girls and Women? Pre-Service Education in Gender Equity," Resources for Feminist Research/ Documentation sur la recherche féministe, Vol. 24, No. 3&4, 1997.

Redesigning Professional Education for Gender Equitable Schooling

This two year SSHRC funded project built on and extended the research undertaken for the "Pre-Service Education in Gender Equity" project. It is designed to respecify and refocus women's issues in education as practical issues for pre-service training for teachers. The approach used in this research involved bringing together groups of students and faculty members in faculties of education in different regions of Canada to engage in focussed discussions of the problems, successes, and possibilities for making changes. The aim of this project was not simply to learn about an existing situation and its regional variations but to formulate policy guidelines which faculties of education could use in redesigning professional education for gender equitable schooling. The report on this work, Gender Equity and the Professional Education of Teachers: a critical review, is available from CWSE.

Women and Professional Education

This SSHRC funded project brought together a cross-Canada interdisciplinary group of scholars. The group explored, collaboratively, the interface between women's access to, experience of, and work in the professions on the one hand, and the structures and cultures of higher education, on the other, as these have changed over time and continue to change today. A collection of essays based on this work, Challenging Professions: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Women's Professional Work has been published by the University of Toronto Press, Spring 1999. Professions examined include medicine, physics, nursing, teaching, pharmacy, social work, forestry, music composition, religion, missionary work, dietetics, evangelism and accounting. A bibliography, Women and the Professions, is available in the CWSE Publications Series.

Professional Women Historians in Canada

The goal of this SSHRC funded research was to examine the careers and writings of Canadian women historians prior to the new women's history movement which emerged in Canada in the early 1970s. The lives and work of these women -- as academics, archivists, librarians, high school teachers, amateur historians C was documented within the context of their family background and education. This work was also undertaken in the context of a growing literature on the history of women and higher education and women in the professions. Resulting from this research , the book, Creating Historical Memory: English Canadian Women and the Work of History with Beverly Boutilier and Alison Prentice as editors was published by the University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver, in 1997. 

English Language Training Packages on Violence for Elementary Teachers

These packages have been developed in response to the needs identified by the Ministry of Education for materials that will assist elementary teachers (K-Grade 6) in their efforts to promote students' development of skills and knowledge in the area of violence prevention. The intended outcomes are also designed to support the Violence Against Women and the Violence Free Schools Initiatives.

The design and development of the packages was led by the Centre for Women's Studies in Education in partnership with the Equity Studies Centre of the Toronto District School Board (Toronto Division) and Education Wife Assault.

The packages consist of nine workshops. These are: 1) Introduction 2) Sexism and Other Forms of Discrimination; 3) Sexual Harassment; 4) Working with Boys to End Violence; 5) Media Violence; 6) Child Abuse; 7) Witnessing of Woman Abuse; 8) Conflict Resolution; 9) Creating Safe Schools. Each workshop includes background information pieces, professional development activities and strategies to use when incidents of violence arise, and annotated listings of print and audio-visual resources. The materials can be workshopped in blocks of time ranging from two hours to two days.

An Advisory Group of teachers and educational personnel from across Ontario assisted in the design and evaluation of all materials.


BAITWOrM Network (Biology as if the World Mattered)

This SSHRC funded project exists to promote the goals of conducting teaching and research "as if the world mattered," beginning with the life sciences, defined as including social science. The network consists of academics in the natural and social sciences, women's studies and health professions who are committed to an anti-sexist, anti-racist, reflexive and interdisciplinary "science" which celebrates diversity and emancipatory local initiatives as advocated in the writings of Sandra Harding and Vandana Shiva.


Achieving Curriculum Consistency: The Case of Family Studies in Ontario Schools

This Ministry of Education funded project is designed to learn from practising family studies teachers how they are implementing the new Family Studies curriculum guidelines in their classrooms. It involves interviews with teachers to examine topics such as the difficulties they are encountering, the kinds of support and consultation available to them, and how they are adapting the curriculum objectives to the realities of the classroom.


Costa Rica-Toronto Violence Prevention Project

As part of this ongoing CIDA funded project the Centre, along with The Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Studies (IWSGS), is involved in developing and providing training workshops in gender inclusivity at the post-secondary level. A series of workshops focusing on gender inclusive research and curriculum development, gender sensitive pedagogy, and gender inclusive academic environments, have taken place at the University of Costa Rica in San Jose and consultations were also provided via video-conferencing. Additional workshops and consultations took place in 2002 and 2003.

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