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Centre for Women's  Studies in Education
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Jamie-Lynn Magnusson, Centre Head, Associate Professor & Principal Investigator (RFR/DRF Journal)

Dr. Magnusson's work explores the intersections of adult and higher education, neoliberal economic policy, and globalization. Working from a feminist marxist perspective, her recent research documents how the financialized economy has been affecting women in their pursuit of higher education and their ability to negotiate economic, social, and cultural security. Working from her expertise in feminist and higher education studies, professor Magnusson's research contributes to discussions on adult education policy and community interventions in the area of women’s securitization.



Lorena M. Gajardo, Senior Associate and RFR/DRF Journal Coordinator

Lorena's bio coming soon.




Isabel Davila, CWSE Program Coordinator

Isabel Dávila is from Ecuador, where she attended law school for three years and worked as a paralegal, and now is a candidate for law school in Canada for 2020. She has worked on cultivating a culture of non-violence, sensitization and environmental practices with the “Escuela de Líderes” since the age of 14. She also volunteered in France for a year at a small Montessori school where she dealt with learning problems in an educational environment. In 2015 she attended the Women’s Human Rights Education Institute for the WHRI Intensive Program.  She participated as a researcher, editor and translator with the WHRI research project on “good practices” for the UNWGDAW.





Pam Patterson, Director of WIA Projects

Pam Patterson has, for 25 years, been active in both the art and movement communities. Her research has focused on embodiment in art practice, the "body" in art, disability politics and feminist art education with publications in multiple journals and presentations in conferences including the Feminism and Art Conference (Toronto). She has taught in movement and the arts for various institutions including the University of Toronto and the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Her current research explores performance and the body - media, movement and interpretation. As a performance and visual artist she has exhibited and performed across Canada, in the USA and Europe.

WIAprojects is composed of Pam Patterson PhD, Director, with Leena Raudvee and Mary Wright. Working collective members change on a yearly basis.  To contact WIAprojects email info@wiaprojects.com.




Paula Bourne, Past CWSE Head

Paula's research and published work has focused on Canadian women’s history, contemporary issues facing Canadian women, gender and education. She has lectured and provided educational training on a variety of topics related to women’s issues and gender equity in education. She recently chaired an expert panel of Ontario educators brought together to develop resources for elementary teachers to help them identify, and provide support for students who are victims or may witness woman abuse at home. These materials are now being implemented with teachers, administrators and counselors across the province.

Her most recent publication is the co-edited collection, Women Teaching Women Learning (Inanna Press, 2006). Currrently she is co-authoring the 3rd edition ofCanadian Women: A History to be published by Nelson in 2010.





Peggy Bristow, Past CWSE Research Officer

Peggy Bristow is the co-author of We're Rooted Here and They Can't Pull Us Up: Essays in African Canadian Women's History.  She is currently researching the history of black women self-organizing in Canada from the 1930s to 1960s.






Frieda Forman, Founder and former head of the Women's Education Resources Centre (WERC)

Frieda Forman helped establish the Women's Educational Resources Centre at OISE and has worked with the CWSE for nearly twenty-five years. 

Frieda's central research and writing interests have focused on the various manifestations of feminism and the women’s movement.  Her publications include:Taking Our Time: Feminist Perspectives on Temporality; with  Mary O’brien,Feminism and Education: A Canadian PerspectiveFound Treasures: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers; and Jewish Refugees in Switzerland: A Memoir of Childhood and History.  She continue to research and translate the works of important but forgotten Yiddish women writers.




Philinda Masters, Consulting Editor RFR/DRF Journal

Philinda Masters has a broad career in journalism and women's activism. She started at The Varsity, University of Toronto's student newspaper, as reporter and editor, then the Financial Post Magazine as editorial assistant.  In the early 70s she worked at The Women's Place as co-coordinator, helped found the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre (and did the first shift there) and the Toronto Women's Credit Union.  She was one of the founders of Broadside Newspaper, attending the first meeting on February 22, 1978. 



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