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Dr. Sheila Batacharya completed her doctoral studies at OISE/UT and currently lectures at Victoria College, Brock University and the Humber Institute for Advanced Learning. Her interdisciplinary research interests include gender studies, sociology and education. Dr. Batacharya's research about the murder of Reena Virk includes a published book, co-edited with Dr. Mythili Rajiva, entitled Reena Virk: Critical Perspectives on a Canadian Murder (2010). Her recent work in the area of girlhood and youth studies examines parenting as a form of citizenship that shapes public policy and responses to violent crime perpetrated and experienced by young people. Currently, Dr. Batacharya is co-editing a collection of scholarly work with Dr. Renita Wong that addresses the topics of embodiment, pedagogy and decolonization. This project was initiated by Dr. Batacharya and the late Professor Roxana Ng who supervised her doctoral thesis Life in a body: Counter hegemonic understandings of violence, oppression, healing and embodiment among young South Asian women.  


Punam Khosla works around Marx’s “Primitive” Accumulation as a materialist corporeal logic of everyday gendered, racialized and sexualized violence. She focuses on anti-racist feminism, marginalization, and critical urban theory. 


Punam Kathuria is known globally as a formative thinker, educator, and activist for social justice and against violence against women. Since 1985 she has conducted research and education programs for social change in three important Indian NGOs, most recently since 1995 as Founder and Director of SWATI (Society for Women’s Action and Training Institute) in Gujarat.

Poonam’s work “bridges the divide between practitioners and academia”. As Director of SWATI she has supervised and conducted groundbreaking “Action research and monitoring studies in the areas of women’s health, violence against women and effective implementation of laws”. This research is widely disseminated in articles, chapters, handbooks, reports, and academic presentations and used in policy development, innovative education programs, and in multi-media educational resources for communities, women members of local government, and girls schooling.

During her time at CWSE Poonam will “reflect on the Indian women’s movement’s engagement with the issue of rape and sexuality and the contradictions of a seemingly compliant state ready to pass legislation while state impunity and women’s vulnerability continue in sharp contrast to the stated objectives of the policies.”

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