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Resources for Elementary and Secondary School Students


These resources offer students the opportunity to explore Aboriginal topics at a level that is engaging and age-appropriate.

Accompanying each resource is a suggested grade level, indicated in brackets. These ratings are only a guide, and it is up to the individual teacher to determine what is appropriate for her or his classroom.


Claire and Her Grandfather

An interactive online storybook. Includes games, a colouring book and teacher section. A text-only version is also available. (Primary)

Four Directions Teachings

An interactive and engaging website resource for learning about indigenous knowledge and philosophy from five First Nations of Canada:  Blackfoot, Cree, Ojibwe, Mohawk, and M'ikmaq.  The website "honors oral traditions by creating an environment where visitors are encouraged to listen with intent as each elder/ traditional teacher shares a teaching from their perspective on the richness and value of cultural traditions from their nation."

Circle of Stories Website

From the PBS website: “Circle of Stories uses documentary film, photography, artwork and music to honor and explore Native American storytelling.”

These resources are engaging, and easily incorporated into lesson plans. Content is focused on the Native American experience. Includes lessons and activities in the ‘For Educators’ section.

Takuginai (pronounced Tah-kew-gee-nye - Look Here)

This website is an extension of the popular children's program produced by IBC- the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation featuring puppets such as Johnny the Lemming, Malaiya, Isaaci, Puuki and Meesee. The Inuit version of Sesame Street.  A great way of learning about Inuit life today. (Primary and Junior levels)

Dane Wajich Dane-zaa Stories & Songs: Dreamers and the Land

From the website: "Designed to teach students—through a virtual exhibit— about our Dane-zaa (Doig River) First Nation. We invite you to learn about Dane-zaa history and culture through an exciting mix of video and sound files, photographs, and text.Our Doig River First Nation elders, youth, and leaders worked collaboratively with ethnographers, linguists, and web-designers to create this exhibit." Includes a Teachers' Guide.



Kids' Space

Ojibway and Cree word games, information about traditional Aboriginal clothes and stories.

Emerging Media Artist- Taren Kootenhayoo

From Redwire Media website: "Skateboarder Taren Kootenhayoo explores all aspects of media from acting to filmmaking, photography being his highlight.



Expressions of Aboriginal Youth

The video from Access to Media Education Society, 2004 (19:55 mins) can be found in three parts on Youtube: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

From the Expressions of Aboriginal Youth Resource Guide website: "This guide is designed to bring issues affecting Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people into the classroom in a manner that speaks directly to youth. Built around the work of three emerging First Nations video artists, this piece explores the role video is playing in helping Native youth recover their culture and develop a powerful voice."

Youth Videomaking Contest Entries

From the imagineNATIVE website: "25 short videos, all created by Ontario-based Indigenous youth aged 10-29... The result of imagineNATIVE’s unique touring workshop “My Space. My Story.” led by filmmaker and artist Keesic Douglas."

Being Brown

Directed by Ziibi Cameron, imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, 2012 (2 min)

From the imagineNATIVE website: "This heartfelt story showcases youth dancer and filmmaker Ziibi and his reflections on cultural life as a powwow dancer." Winner of the Youth Videomaking Contest and Youth Shorts Program as a part of the 2012 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival.

360 Degrees

Directed by Caroline Monnet, 2009 (18 min, 1 s)

From the NFB website: "Sébastien Aubin, a young French-speaking Cree of Manitoba’s Opaskwayak Nation, is learning about traditional Aboriginal medicine. Mark Thompson is a healer who received his knowledge of plant-based medicine from his grandmother and has chosen to teach Sébastien. The young man embodies today’s accelerated world but is also caught between modernity and tradition. 360 Degrees proves that the healer’s teachings are highly relevant to society today. In French with English subtitles."

Notre histoire : concours canadien de rédaction & d'arts pour Autochtones / Our Story: Canadian Aboriginal Writing & Arts Challenge

Du site web : Ce concours est devenu l’épreuve de rédaction la plus importante et la plus identifiable qui soit destinée à la jeunesse autochtone du Canada (sécondaire).

From the website: The Challenge has quickly become the largest and most recognizable essay writing competition in Canada for Aboriginal youth (secondary).



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