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Early Years

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Community Programs and Organizations

Aboriginal Head Start - On Reserve

Aboriginal Head Start - Urban and Northern Communities

First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada

A national organization committed to improving care for aboriginal children and their families through research, policy, professional development and networking.

Native Women's Association of Canada - Healthy Mothers, Babies and Children

An overview of initiatives concerning Native children and their mothers, including early childhood education, maternal health, and midwifery.

Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre

A learning centre for promoting Inuit culture and language for Inuit children, youth, and their families through cultural programming and parenting support and education.


Policy and Research Initiatives

Child Care Canada - Aboriginal Early Learning Policy Resources

A collection of online documents on Aboriginal early learning and child care policies.

Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships

A program of community-university partnerships on the education, health, and well-being of indigenous children in Canada and around the world.

Supporting Indigenous Children's Development

A book describing a partnership between an Aboriginal Tribal Council and the University of Victoria's School of Child and Youth Care in co-creating a community-based early years curriculum.



Planning for the Seasons: An Aboriginal Early Years Strategic Planning Resource

A resource designed to support community planning and promotional activities for young Aboriginal children and their families.

Best Start - Resources on Aboriginal Health

A collection of resources on aboriginal health and early childhood including pre-natal care, developmental stages, and culturally-relevant programming.

Granny & Grampa Connections Box

A community-based interactive cultural resource designed to engage parents and caregivers directly with their children through their ancestral languages and cultures.

Piaranut for our Children

A curriculum document on Inuit early childhood education programs developed by Pauktuutit, a national organization representing all Inuit women in Canada.

Raising the Children

A program for parents to ensure the happiness and well-being of their children. This website includes the history of the program and its development, a manual, videos, and opportunities for getting involved.

Including Indigenous Perspectives in Early Childhood Environments

This brief video from the Early Childhood Australia Learning Hub is intended to provoke teachers to think abou the ways Indigenous perspectives are incorporated into early childhood education.

Exploring Reconciliation in Early Childhood Practice: Part 1 & Part 2

From the video: "In this two part video, Catharine Hydon talks to three educators about exploring the place of Reconciliation in early childhood education and care practice. It also shows the value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in educators work and some practical ways to take action."

Sourced from: Early Childhood Australia Inc. and the National Quality Standard Professional Learning Program funded by the Commonwealth of Australia.

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