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Deepening Knowledge.



Lesson plans

Counting 1:1 Correspondence

Level:  Kindergarten

Association:  Montana Ministry of Education

Description/Keywords:  From the site - ""We are going to learn our numbers from 1-10 by counting manipulatives using 1 to 1 correspondence. To do this we will be using manipulatives that have pictures and information relating to the Blackfeet Tribe that is one of the 12 tribes of Montana.  Each day we will learn our numbers, a new manipulative and how it relates to the Blackfeet Indians. It is important to remember the information or the name of the manipulative because you will be asked questions throughout the lesson. Also remember we are learning numbers and counting as well."

Shapes in the Blackfeet Language

Level:  Kindergarten, primary

Association:  Montana Ministry of Education.

Description/Keywords:  From the site - "Student will practice and recite the shapes in English and Blackfeet. They will practice the shapes by forming them on a geoboard and by using the circle on the back of the geoboard."


Recommended Literature

A list of developmentally appropriate books for kindergarten aged children is provided in the Recommended Literature for Students section of the Deepening Knowledge website.

Lessons from Turtle Island:  Native Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms

By Guy W. Jones and Sally Moomaw, 2002. A guide to creating an inclusive curriculum for all students, with  a focus on being sensitive to Aboriginal issues. (Preschool - early primary)



Under One Sun

A series of leveled readers by Nelson publishing exploring themes related to Treaties, beginning in K and extending to Grade 6.


This website has a variety of resources that are geared to younger learners.

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