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 Sixties Scoop and Adoption



Aboriginal Adoptees Sue Ottawa for Loss of Culture, Trauma

By Chinta Puxley, the Globe and Mail; February 2015

An article that looks at the recent 60’s Scoop Class Action suit.  In the article the author addresses the loss of culture and severe trauma that came with the apprehension of and adoption of First Nations children during the period that is now known as the 60’s Scoop.  Moving forward this article looks at how survivors are taking action and seeking compensation from the Canadian government for what was done to them.

More First Nations Children Removed From Their Homes Than Ever Before

By The Victoria Times, February 2012

This article discusses how more than 27 500 First Nation children are in foster care today, more than the number of children removed from their families at the peak of the residential school system in the 1940s.

Ryerson Allows Aboriginal Students to Learn Their Own Way

By Carol Goar, May 2013.

An article from the Toronto Star describing the lasting impacts of the Sixties Scoop on Aboriginal Education. 

The Sixties Scoop:  How Canada's "Best Intentions" Proved Catastrophic

By Lloyd Dolha, March 2009.
An article from First Nations Drum: Canada’s National Native Newspaper regarding the Sixties Scoop. (Gr 9 and up)

Sixties Scoop

By The University of British Columbia, 2009

An article from the University of British Columbia. From the article, "the mass removal of Aboriginal children from their families into the child welfare system, in most cases without the consent of their families or bands" that took place in the 1950's and 1960's.

Teaching the Legacy of the Sixties Scoop and Addressing Ongoing Child Welfare Inequality in the Classroom

By Krista McCraken, 2017

An article on the Active History website.

Books, Fiction

Indian Killer

By Sherman Alexie, 2008.

From Amazon.com: "The main character is an Indian serial killer who incites racial tension by murdering whites in retribution for his people's history. The killer leaves clear signs of his motives by scalping his victims, and leaving feathers as gestures of Indian defiance. The killer is a conflicted creation--raised by loving white parents, but twisted by loss of his identity as an Indian." (Grade 9 and up)


Film & Video

Red Road Preview 1

YouTube (2:25 mins).

A preview if the movie Red Road about the Sixties Scoop. Warning: explicit content.  (Grade 9 and up)

Red Road Preview 2

YouTube (1:42 mins).

A preview if the movie Red Road about the Sixties Scoop. Warning: explicit content.  (Grade 9 and up)

The 60's Scoop - Survivor Story 

YouTube (9:41 mins).

Caption from the video, "J'net Cavanagh shares how she and her siblings survived the "60's scoop" and how the Truth & Reconciliation Commission must expand its mandate to include impacts of the still severely flawed child welfare system in Canada."

Canada's Secret Scoop

Youtube, November 26, 2012, 4 min 20 sec

From the website: "In another effort to assimilate aboriginal children into Anglo-society, the Canadian government took thousands of children from their families during the 1960s and adopted them into White families. Producer Chieu Luu went to Winnipeg, Manitoba and spoke to one survivor of the so-called "60's scoop," reporter Rob Reynolds voiced the package."

The Sixties Scoop

Youtube, November 29, 2012, 6 min 32 sec

Government policies behind the sixties scoop.



Origins Canada: Supporting Those Separated By Adoption

This website provides information on the Sixties Scoop, a references list of scoop material, and additional resources   about adoption as it relates to Aboriginal communities. (Grade 9 and up)



Class Action

First Nations 60's Scoop Lawsuit Heads to Trial

By CBC News, July 2013

This article looks at the impacts of the 60's Scoop and the resulting class action suit that has now been granted certification

Thunder Bay Man Seeks Accountability for Lost Childhood: Class Action Suit for Children of the ‘Sixties Scoop’ Stalled

By Jody Porter, March 2012

A CBC News article discussing one survivor’s story and the challenges associated with the 60’s Scoop class action suit.

'60s Scoop' Class Action Not a Matter for Courts, Say Lawyers

By The Canadian Press, December 2013

An CBC News article that looks at why the 60’s Scoop should indeed be considered a social-political issue, but not a legal matter.

Merchant law firm launches class-action lawsuit for '60s Scoop' adoptees

CBC News, By Nichole Huck, February 9, 2015

Ontario court dismisses government's appeal to scrap '60s scoop class-action

The Toronto Star, By Diana Mehta, December 4, 2014

Sixties Scoop Class Action Lawsuit

From the website: "The Federal Government of Canada and certain survivors of the Sixties Scoop have reached a settlement of class action lawsuits that provides compensation for certain survivors of the Sixties Scoop. A copy of the notice containing information about the settlement and information about your rights is available here."








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